Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Back from the Dead

Back from the grave after untold eons, QuasarDragon makes its unexpected return from the eldritch and unnatural world beyond the internet. More another day, but for now here are a few items of interest.

(Grave image swiped from the always cool The Horrors of It All.)

Sintel is "an independently produced short film, initiated by the Blender Foundation as a means to further improve and validate the free/open source 3D creation suite Blender."

An aesthetically pleasing and charming, if predictable, fantasy film. Worth a watch or two.

Available for download HERE or for online viewing HERE.

From Dragonsfoot, a pair of recent old school modules compatible with 1st edition D&D and retro-clones.

First The Banked Swamp by Steve Temple.
"A thick mist, a splash heard in the distance, the lure of treasures untold... Welcome to The Banked Swamp, an adventure for a low-level party, that can be dropped into nearly any campaign."

Available in a free PDF download HERE.

Second Ruins of the White Watch by Andrew Hamilton.
"Centuries ago the White Watch defended the land. Then it fell and it's location was lost... until now. Who knows what treasures could be found in its depths. An adventure for a party of 6, of levels 5 to 8."

Available in a free PDF download HERE.

Talislanta, first released in 1987, is best remembered for its "no elves" ads in rpg magazines such as The Dragon.

"Tired of 'look-alike' fantasy games? Then journey to TALISLANTA - a fantastic campaign world populated by Wizard Hunters, Astromancers, Black Savants, Exomorphs, Wind Demons, and best of all no elves."

Most, or all, editions are now available free creative common downloads, including the D20 edition so you can easily commit the ultimate Talislanta heresy and add elves if you like.

The main site is HERE and the main downloads page is HERE.

(Hat tip to Troll and Flame, a good gaming blog, that linked to these downloads long ago and where I found a copy of the old ad to quote.)


John D. said...

Hey! Look who's back! :)

The Groovy Agent said...

Welcome back! We missed ya!!

Dave Tackett said...

Thank you both. It's good to be back.

Rob Lang said...

Yay! Hurrah! Love a bit of Quasar Dragon, you've been missed, sir.

Dave Tackett said...

Thanks Rob, I appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave, and welcome back. I'm so glad you made it! I'd been badly missing your posts.
Cheers, T

Dave Tackett said...

Glad to be back, Thanks!

Beam Me Up said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaah, now this is nice! when my reader came through with post from QD, I tell ya, I was a happy camper! Good to have you back!

As for Sintel, I started watching what was going on Oct. of last year and it was amazing! I would like to seem more, thats for sure, but one thing it does show is just how powerful is now!

Dave Tackett said...

Thanks Paul. It's good to be back, though with a very different attitude. I'll never let QD become a chore again. Posts will be more varied and irregular, but hopefully still of value.