Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nebulas, Free Fiction, and More

Some very good stuff from a variety of sources. A bit short on time today, at the last minute had to work some extras hours today, so things are a bit less organized.

E-Fiction and Audio Fiction
And SF Signal has a complete list of the 2010 Nebula Awards finalists with links to free online versions of two novellas, two novelettes, and all but one of the short stories

The links are HERE.

StarShipSofa has their 177th podcast out featuring, among other coolness and interview with Brian Aldis and a reading of "A Passion For Art" by David D Levine.

Streaming and in MP3 download HERE.

Variety SF reviews the 1963 story "Oneness" by James Schmidt and links to a free online version.

"Menesee felt excitement surge like a living tide about him as he came with the other directors into the vast Tribunal Hall. Sixty years ago, inexcusable carelessness had deprived Earth of its first chance to obtain a true interstellar drive."

The review and link are HERE. celebrates six of their online stories being included in Locus Magazine's list of recommended stories. More info HERE.

At Munseys, "The Hitch Hilers" by Vernon McCain, from If: Worlds of Science Fiction (Nov. 1954)

"The Rell, a great and ancient Martian race, faced extinction when all moisture was swept from their planet. Then, one day, a lone visitor—a strange, two-legged creature composed mostly of water—landed on Mars …"

In free e-book downloads HERE.

Hub has its 135th issue out with "The Twelfth Day" by Ro Smith as well as reviews and articles.
"On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love’s ritual was complete. First had been the bird, placed in the tree whose branches hang low over my grave. Poor little thing’d been wired in place ..."

In free PDF and epub downloads HERE.

Serial Fiction
At Book View Cafe, Chapter 12 of Eccentric Circles by Rebecca Lickiss.

"At the fairies' bridge near Larkingtower's spire, Aelvarim walked cautiously, pointing out spreading black gaps to Piper."

Online HERE or start from the beginning HERE.

At The Horrors of It All, another classic pre-code horror story, "The Undying Brain" from Adventures into the Unknown #18 (1951).

Online HERE.

At Marooned - Science Fiction & Fantasy books on Mars, "Flint Baker & and the One-Eyed Monster Men of Mars." from Planet Comics #1. Classic, cheesy skiffy from one of the best golden age comic book series.

Online HERE.

Star Frontiersman Magazine #16 has been up for a little while but I haven't linked to it before. This issue features 139 pages of supplementary material for the classic rpg Star Frontiers, or any sf rpg with a little work.

It and all earlier editions are available in free PDF downloads HERE.


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