Saturday, March 5, 2011

Free E-Fiction and Comics

A good day for e-fiction and comics today. As for the other categories, not the worry, their day will come (and there was one audio story today).

Dark Valentine has released its Spring 2011 for free PDF download. It features,

"Swallow the Light" by Kristen Davis, Illustrated by Joanne Renaud
"Danny-Boy" Tonia Brown, Illustrated by Larry Nadolsky
"Swamp" by Matthew C . Funke, Illustrated by Kitamu Latham-Sampier
"Only the Lonely" by Mike Chinn, Illustrated by Eleni Trigatzi
"Felis Dirus" by Berkeley Hunt, Illustrated by Walter Conley
"La Fée Verte" by Paul D . Brazill, Illustrated by Pamela Jaworska
"Ambulance in Eden" by Trost, Illustrated by Natasha Killeen
"The Stalking Rail" by Alejandro Omidsalar, Illustrated by Jane Burson
"Masquerade" by Sarah Vaughn, Illustrated by Sarah Vaughn
"Questions for the Dead" by Jeannine Dotts, Illustrated by Mark Satchwill
"Beautiful Lily" by John M . Radosta, Illustrated by Jane Burson
"Easter Dinner" by Katherine Tomlinson, Illustrated by Pamela Jaworska
"China White" by Caitlin Hoffman, Illustrated by Laura Neubert
"Dark Highways" by Allan Leverone, Illustrated by Mark Satchwill
"I Just Have To, Baby" by James Valdis, Illustrated by Pamela Jaworska
Cover Art Joanne Renaud

In PDF download HERE.

At SF Signal, "Free Fiction for 3/5/11" featuring several links not found on QD. John does a great job with these, especially all the @ Author's Sites.

The links Are HERE.

At the Author's website: "Veil of Ignorance" by David Barr Kirtley
"We're at Conrad's vacation house, a sprawling mansion that orbits the gas giant Hades-3. (His father owns both the house and the planet.)"

Online HERE [via SF Signal]

Also at the author's website, four stories he wrote as a teenager, here.

At Munseys, "Assassin" by J. F. Bone from If Worlds of Science Fiction (February 1958). "The aliens wooed Earth with gifts, love, patience and peace. Who could resist them? After all, no one shoots Santa Claus!"
At Munseys HERE and Project Gutenberg HERE.

And "Freudian Slip" by Franklin Abel from Galaxy Science Fiction (May 1952). "Things are exactly what they seem? Life is real? Life is earnest? Well, that depends."

At Munseys HERE and Project Gutenberg HERE.

Audio Fiction
At SFFaudio, "The Library Of Babel" by Jorge Luis Borges, translated by Andrew Hurley, read by George Guidall. Considered a classic of magical-realism (far from my favorite genre, but to each their own).
"The universe consists of an enormous expanse of interlocking hexagonal rooms, each of which contains the bare necessities for human survival—and four walls of bookshelves. "

In MP3 download HERE.

At Pencil Ink, "Skull of the Sorcerer" from Forbidden Worlds #3 (1951). Featuring Al Williamson story pencils / Frank Frazetta, Wally Wood, Joe Orlando partial inks (That is a serious collection of artistic talent!)

Online HERE.

At the Digital Comics Museum, three new posts of especial note. Jumbo Comics #28 featuring Sheena and Stuart Taylor HERE, Thun'da, King of the Congo 004 featuring Thun'da and Cave Girl, HERE, and Chris Welkin Planeteer comic strips from 1951 HERE. (all require free membership).

At Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogzine, "The Crime Chase Through Time" from Strange Adventures #4 (1950). This issue was written by SF/Pulp author Edmond Hamilton.

Online HERE.

At The Bloody Pulp! a pair of black and white horror tales "Crawling Death" and "A Skeleton in the Closet." Both were originally published in 1953 and later reprinted in B & W.

Online HERE.

The Epic Fantasy SitCom Pewfell "is an epic fantasy sitcom that follows the amazing adventures of an inept wizard, his warrior princess wife and the small blue gnome who hates him."

Online here, though chapter one begins HERE.

Much the Miller's Son is an amusing fantasy comic by Steve LeCouilliar.
"Book 1: The Good the Bad and Much" is available for online reading HERE, Book 2 begins here [indirectly via The Land of Nod]

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