Monday, March 7, 2011

Mondays aren't all bad - Free Fiction

Lots of cool free items today! There is fiction in many formats, text, audio, serial, illustrated (comics), and collaborative (gaming). It takes a bit of the sting off the fact that it's a Monday. And if anyone sees Lt. Bob, please kick him hard for yesterday's movie.

At Daily Science Fiction, "Waiting In The Corners" by Brian Dolton.
"We used to be there all the time. In the background, but there, in the dark corners. We'd come out at night, or when you were alone. When there were strange sounds in the jungles of Cambodia, or on the wild Scottish cliffs. Then you'd remember us, and look around, and be afraid."

Online HERE.

At Ray Gun Revival, "Catastrophe Baker and the Cold Equations" by Mike Resnick.
"If you really want to know about the cold equations, there’s only one person to ask, and that’s me—Catastrophe Baker, hero by trade but all too frequently fugitive by misunderstanding."

Online HERE.

At Fantasy Magazine, "The Sandal-Bride" by Genevieve Valentine.
"Pilgrims always cried when they crested the hill and saw the spires of Miruna; they usually fell to their knees right in the middle of traffic. All I saw was the gate that led to the Night Market."

Online text and MP3 download HERE.

At Anotherealm, "Keeping Up appearances" by Shawn Murphy and Tana Lyma.

"What big teeth you have, grandma—and your breath! — Little about-to-be-eaten Riding Hood"

Online HERE.

The Fifth Dimension fantasy and SF e-zine has its edition 13, #1--March 2011 issue up with

"Unnatural Selection" by Adam La Rusic & Johan Thornton
"Real Good Looking Boy" by Daniel C. Smith
"The Dance of Predator and Prey" by Joyce Reynolds-Ward
"The Girl with Two Eyes" by Eric Del Carlo

These, as well as poetry and editorial" are HERE.

Aoife's Kiss has a sample story and poem from its March 2011 issue free online. "Nights of Wonder," by K. S. Hardy, and the poem, "When I Was Numb," by Maria Kelly

Both online HERE (probably temporarily)

Mirror Dance, a free online magazine of fantasy stories, art, and poetry has its Spring 2011 online featuring

Fiction by Chrystalla Thoma, Laura Kjosen, Cheryl Wood Ruggiero, and Crowerd Robinson.

Poetry by Laura Garrison, Sari Krosinky, Robert Shmigelsky, and Deborah Walker.

All online HERE.

Serial Fiction
At Kat and Mouse: Guns For Hire, part two of "Taking Care of Business" by Abner Senires.
"Sakura looked up from her plate of waffles and eggs and smiled at the short-haired blond in the opposite seat. She was dressed just like in the surveillance shots Simon took. Knee-length black leather coat. Black shirt and pants."

Online HERE.

Audio Fiction

At Beam Me Up, episode 251, with classic fiction "The Salesman" by Waldo Boyd and "part two of David Steffen’s retelling of the Wizard of Oz theme called 'The Utility of Love'. In Part two we meet more of the cast of characters but there are some pretty major differences that leads the main characters in substantially different directions."

Streaming and in MP3 download HERE.

At Scott Sigler's website, The Starter episode #4.
"Quentin & Company deal with the aftermath of the championship parade. With the Tier One season fast approaching, can the Krakens manage these distractions?"

In MP3 download HERE.

At The Drama Pod Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne is being serialized.

Parts one through five are available in MP3 downloads HERE.

At Cthulhu, episode 97 featuring "The Spawn of Dagon" part 2.

In Mp3 download HERE.

At Dragonsfoot, "The Howling Hills" This module is one of a series of adventures created in homage to the deadliest adventure ever created, The Tomb of Horrors! An Adventure of characters of level 10-14

In a free PDF download HERE.

At DriveThruRPG, Oubliette #5 is available as a free download for a limited time (through March, 2011).
"Written for Labyrinth Lord, but also ideal for use with any Basic/Expert/Advanced original or clone, with little or no adjustment required." Contains a large article on Paladins.

In PDF download HERE.

At The Land of Nod, part one of Mu-Pan, a pseudo-Asian setting for NOD.
"Mu-Pan is the fabulous land of jade, silk and lotus blossoms that makes princes of Motherlander merchants."

Online HERE.

At The Comic Book Catacombs, ""The Red Hills of Uganda" from Amazing Adventures #5 (Nov.1951) . Giant Ants!

Online HERE.

At Grantbridge Street & Other Misadventures, "Requiem for a Werewolf!" from Tales of Evil #2. The title says it all.

Online HERE (caution PG post nut R rated site).

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