Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tobias Buckell, Theodore Sturgeon, and Hot Elf Chicks.

It's Saturday and we (the royal "we" apparently) have a googleplex of chores to do, but here are a few rather cool free items from the digital multiverse.

At Subterranean Press: "The Fall of Alacan" by Tobias S. Buckell.
"Mynza clung to the side of a stone tower like a bug to a wall. He was hundreds of feet above the dirt street below, halfway up to the bulging copper-plated dome at the very top of the tower. From here he could see the last few merchants of the day who camped out in front of the Mayor’s Mansion leaving their brightly colored stalls."

Online HERE.

At Munseys: "Hoiman and the Solar Circuit" by Gordon Dewey, from If: Worlds of Science Fiction (July 1952).

In e-book downloads at Munseys HERE and Project Gutenberg HERE.

Audio Fiction
The latest episode, number 88, of Spider on the Web is up featuring SF great Spider Robinson hosting readings of "Bianca's Hands" and "Godbody" by another SF great, Theodore Sturgeon.

In MP3 download HERE.

Fetidus is a complete online audio-book, "FETIDUS: The Damned Heir by James Durham. This "future-noir" urban fantasy features a talented cast and original music score, and can be freely downloaded and shared. Join us in the post-apocalyptic world of Art Blanchard, as he takes on a thrilling, twisted case set in the fetid alleys of Washington, DC, circa 2034." Likely R rated.

All twenty episodes are available streaming and in MP3 download HERE. [via The Guild of Cowry Catchers]

The Guild of Cowry Catchers is a series of serialized audio books (now on book three Ashes ). It is "a dark, nautical fantasy for people who shop in the grown-up section of the bookstore." I listened tp book 3, episode one and thought it quite well done, though I would recommend starting from book 1.

The latest episode is Book 3 – Episode 4. Streaming and in MP3 download HERE, or start with Book 1 – Episode 1 HERE (approximately R rated). This a good site to look around in as there are lots of extras.

Episode 11, Ignis, of The Witch Hunter Chronicles is now available.
"What awaits now? The kindling flame of hope? Or the destructive fires of punishment and vengeance? The final hours approach and the skies redden over Sevenpeaks…"

Streaming and in MP3 download HERE.

Flash Fiction
@Every Day Fiction: "God Machine" by Ajit Dhillon.
@Flashes in the Dark: "She Took in Silence" by Matthew C. Funk.
@365 tomorrows: "Incarnate" by Ian Rennie.

At DriveThruRPG, Salvage Crew: Star Mogul Game.

"The focus of this game is on running a salvage crew operation and earning money. If your company goes broke, you simply open a new one and continue playing your opponents. A two or more player table top game. Future menacing alien encounters will be controlled by all players involved so no DM is necessary for this system."

In a free PDF download HERE. (free membership required).

At Earthdawn Blog: 255 Earthdawn Spells. "The Tableau Infractus Internet Archive released a collection of spells in four brand new fanzine Ebooks. The four books about elemental, illusionary, nethermantic and wizardry spells were collected from various internet sources. The layout of the Ebook spells is based on the editable Spellcards of Maskhim, which I introduced some time ago over here on the Earthdawn Blog."

In four PDF downloads HERE.

At Ancient Vaults & Eldritch Secrets, for D&D or Labyrinth Lord:

"[New Spell] Encounter Iconic Nemesis" online HERE

and "[New Monster] Crimson Arbiter" online HERE.

At A Character for Every Game, "[Friday Map] the Ancient Temple of Torrel"

A nice ruined temple map for any fantasy rpg - HERE.

And at A Rust Monster Ate My Sword, "Hot Elf Chicks with Swords!" A must see -- Trust me, this is as safe for work as it gets (assuming it's safe to look at gaming sites at your work).

Online HERE.

At Crom!: "From Star-Studded Comics #14 (1968), comes this old-school adaptation of Robert E. Howard's 'Gods of the North'!"

Available in CBR download HERE.

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