Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday's Freebies.

A quieter day than yesterday but some fiction (including audio and flash) and several good comics.

@The Author's Website: "The One That Got Away" by Kristine Kathryn Rusch. "A strange science fiction short story by bestselling writer Kristine Kathryn Rusch."

"It happened at the Thursday night blackjack tournament, and we were miffed. Not because it happened, but because of when it happened. And to get to that will take a bit of explaining, both about the tournament and about us."

@Daily Science Fiction: "Iron Oxide Red" by Gwendolyn Clare.
"I was working on a still-life when I discovered the paint in my veins."

Flash Fiction

@365 tomorrows: "Of Stars And Brilliance" by Sevanaka.
@Flashes in the Dark: "Bone Dance" by Neil Leckman.
@Every Day Fiction: "Bella’s Birthday" by Robert O’Shea
@The Daily Cabal: "Parthenia Rook, Episode MXLV: Penguins Neat" by Edd Vick.
@The New Flesh: "Final Scene Before End Credits" by Dustin Reade.

Audio Fiction

@PodCastle: Episode #150 "Mister Hadj’s Sunset Ride" by Saladin Ahmed, read by Cheyenne Wright.
"Mister Hadj was from the same place as my rattlesnake of a Pa. Araby, or someplace like, though I don’t rightly know the name since neither him nor my Pa ever said a blasted word about the Old Country. You’d ask and ask, and all you’d get back was a look as hard as rocks. No use digging after that."

@Digital Comics Museum: Space Western Comics #40 (Sept 1952) featuring "Spurs Jackson VS the Saucer-Men." Cheesy fun.

Mystery Comics #1 (1944). A variety of adventure types including King Futuria in the 30th century and the Medieval adventures of the Sliver Knight.

And the 1953 comic strips of Chris Welkin-Planeteer.

[All require a free membership]

@Savage Tales: Hawkmoon, The Jewel in the Skull #4: Part Four of Four. Classic Fantasy.

@Beware, There's a Crosseyed Cyclops In My Basement!!!: Several issues of Adventures into Weird Worlds for download in CBR format. Classic horror and a little SF.

@The Horrors of It All: "We Meet at Midnight" from Mystic #8 (May 1952). A classic Egyptian weird tale.

@Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogzine: The 1951 comic book adaptation, drawn by Lee J. Ames, of H. R. Haggard's classic adventure novel King Solomon's Mines.

For Haggard fans, the 1937 is available for download at the Internet Archive and the 1885 novel is available at Project Gutenberg.


Beam Me Up said...

Great selection today! wow, lots and lots of work... But I am some glad your back in the trenches again! I get so many ideas and material. Tuesday's free fiction list was the best! lol


Dave Tackett said...

Thanks Paul!