Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fiction Magazines, H. G. Wells, Comics, and More

A ton of free reading today. Three magazines have their latest issues online, Beneath Ceaseless Skies (a long time favorite) and two I haven't linked to before. Schrodinger's Mouse "Tomorrow's best science fiction today" and LingerFiction, which publishes "stories within the confines of fantasy, science-fiction and horror." Both new magazines were found via Kristine Ong Muslim's website. Also chapter one of a new Erik Mona story, classic genre fiction, flash fiction, and a boatload of comics. Today's illustration is for "Batmen of Luna" in the comics Section below.

Beneath Ceaseless Skies has its 67th issue online with:
"Memories of Her" by Greg Linklater.
"My hand is seamed with quartz and gravel. It used to have folds of skin a witch could trace. No fingernails now, only the squares I scratched with a rusty blade for some reason I’ve long since forgotten."

"Dancing the Warrior" Part 3 by Marie Brennan.
"Kerestel decided quickly enough that he wouldn’t tell anybody—but he didn’t have to. Silverfires were trained to notice things, after all. Marwen spotted it the next morning, and before breakfast was over the uproar had begun."

And audio fiction "Love, Resurrected" by Cat Rambo from Issue #65.
"Three years after her death, she still labored in his service."

Schrodinger's Mouse has its Spring 2011 issue online with fiction and poetry.
"In Service of a Greater Cause" by Alex Shvartsman.
"Her head held high and her hand squeezing a small silver cross pendant, Susan Pennell walked into the den of evil."

"SnapBack" by John F. D. Taff.
"Personnel Report: Two agents present situations where input is necessary. Possible termination of grid access and extraction of agents may be necessary. Highlights below. Detailed report will be filed per Protocol 7 indices."

"Jane's Head" by Vincent Scarsella.
"Dearest Jane, I have your head. It's frozen, of course, preserved the past three years in a stainless steel box filled with liquid nitrogen"

"Almost Nighttime" by Kristine Ong Muslim.
"Like the loneliest kettle in the world, / it totters on creaky joints and pours"

"Inner Circles" by Pat Tompkins.
"a moon to planet / as Io to Jupiter"

The April issue of LingerFiction is online with:

"The Hiders" by Heather Fowler.
"We hid because it lowered our chances for selection. All knew of the agreement accepted with the Kharal years ago, and, at each interval, on the appointed day, until the act had been completed so that we might recommence our regular activities"

"The Tare in the Garden" by George W. Latimer, Jr.
"Evan scanned the surroundings. No other weeds had sprung up. It was not a stray from the wild flowers in the naturalized sections of the garden. It was unlike anything he had ever seen."

"Snow in July" by Rick McQuiston.
"There were far stranger things that took precedence in his weary mind. Like the fact that even though the power was not out, the air conditioning still would not work, as well as his ceiling fan, desk fan, and even his refrigerator. "

"Othertongues" by Elizabeth Barrette.
"In the breathless dark between stars, / there is no air to carry sound."

"A Universe Inside You" by Marina Lee Sable.
"You awake one morning / to find your sight turned inward,"

Serial Fiction: "Two Pieces of Tarnished Silver" Chapter One by Erik Mona.
"According to the navigator, the Queen's Lament had been less than a week from Quantium when the winds died, and the long voyage from distant Vudra had left them but a few days of provisions when the sails went slack and the ship fell still."

Classic SF/Fantasy:
@Hairy Green Eyeball 3: "Armageddon - 2419 A.D." by Philip Francis Nowlan, from Amazing Stories (Aug. 1928). - The first Buck Rogers story in JPG Scans.
"They had all they needed for their magnificently luxurious and degraded scheme of civilization within the walls of the fifteen cities of sparkling glass they had flung skyward on the sites of ancient American centers, into the bowels oh the earth underneath them, and with relatively small surrounding areas of agriculture."

@Project Gutenberg: The Sea Lady by H. G. Wells (1902). Mermaid fantasy/social satire.
"Such previous landings of mermaids as have left a record, have all a flavour of doubt. Even the very circumstantial account of that Bruges Sea Lady, who was so clever at fancy work, gives occasion to the sceptic. I must confess that I was absolutely incredulous of such things until a year ago." [via Triplanetary]

@365 tomorrows: "Remember O’ahu" by Roi R. Czechvala.
@Weird Year: "Golde’s Mine" by Troy Manning.
@Weird Year: "Dr. Pants" by Colleen Chen.
@Eschatology: "The Created" by Timothy Remp.
@Eschatology: "Nova" by Joe Jablonski.
@Eschatology: "Searching, Hiding, Leaving" by James Bloomer.
@The New Flesh: "What's Knocking At My Door" by Michael Pelc.
@The New Flesh: "Cookie" by James Steele.
@Daily Science Fiction: "Selfless" by Kenneth S Kao.

@The Horrors of It All: "Sinister Return of the Priestess of Baal" from Baffling Mysteries #11 (Horror - Nov. 1952)

@The Warrior's Comic Book Den: "The Jungle" illustrated by Al Williamson, from Eerie (Horror - Nov. 1966).

@Parishi's Vision: Flash Gordon in "The Floating City" IJC #102 (Sci-Fi).

@Pappys Golden Age Comics Blogzine: "Ghost pirates of Skull Valley" from Ranger Comics #54 (Horror).

@The Comic Book Catacombs: Voodah in "Drums of the Tyrant Priestess"from Crown Comics #6 (Adventure - Summer 1946).

@Diversions of the Groovy Kind: Starlord in "Less Than Human" (Sci-Fi).

@Digital Comics Museum: Target Comics V2 #4 and V2 #12 (Both with Spacehawk and other adventure comics) (1941/1942).

@Ditko Comics: "The Thing From Below" from Out of This World #5 [Monster 1957].

@Atomic Kommie Comics: "BatMen of Luna" from Spacebusters #2 (Sci-Fi).

Other Coolness
@Golden Age Comic Book Stories: [Art] Edgar Rice Burroughs galleries of cover and interior art. The Venus Series, Pellucidar Series, and The Mars Series.