Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Freebies Updated

Some more items added, back later this weekend.

The April 2011 issue of Redstone Science Fiction is up with

"Perfection" by Jay Garmon.
"Honestly, how did anyone ever fall in love back when it was optional? I say this with awe, not judgment."

"Brittlestar" by Mike Barretta.
"“I always get the shakes before a drop,” explained Major Joseph Anniston. He fidgeted nervously at the ramp’s hinge point. The flight technician smiled at him and he thought he detected a hint of sadness in her eyes."

and "Time’s Arrow" by J. Chant.
"It’s a law of our Universe that cannot be broken, time’s irreversible, relentless arrow piercing the future. I’m hurtling through time at the speed of light. As are you."

@Anotherealm: "The Edge of the Looking Glass" by Dee Travis.
"Where’s Alice?” “Hospital. “Hospital?” “ICU.” “What happened?” “Went through the Looking Glass; reads too much."

@Daily Science Fiction: "Trust" by David D. Levine.
"You've got to hold to your priorities, Michelle Fletcher. That's what you tell yourself as you scrub and scrub and scrub at the crusted black grit in your one saucepan. You've got to remember what's important."

@Ray Gun Revival: "Future Imperfect" by Peter Wood.
“Whatever happened to the flying cars we were supposed to have by now?” Darla asked Mike. She held up an old science fiction magazine she had found in a box of odds and ends she was sorting in her grandfather’s attic for the estate sale. On the magazine’s cover a young couple flew off into the sunset in a finned convertible.

Classic SF
Linked and reviewed at Variety SF: "The Man Who Evolved" by Edmond Hamilton, from Wonder Stories (April 1931).
"There were three of us in Pollard's house on that night that I try vainly to forget. Dr. John Pollard himself, Hugh Dutton and I, Arthur Wright--we were the three. Pollard met that night a fate whose horror none could dream; Dutton has since that night inhabited a state institution reserved for the insane, and I alone am left to tell what happened."

Flash Fiction
@365 tomorrows: "Something In The Water" by Martin Sumner.
@The Daily Cabal: "Magic Shake" by David Kopaska-Merkel.
@Flashes in the Dark: "Getting Out to Vote" by Hillary Lyon.

Audio Fiction

@Escape Pod: Episode #284 "The ’76 Goldwater Dime" by John Medaille, read by Norm Sherman.
"I started in 1962, that’s when I became a numismatist. You know what that is? It’s the study of….well, it’s not the study of anything. It’s coin collecting, is what it is."

@Pseudopod: Episode #223 "Murdock The Nobody" by Kate Jonez, read by Matt Arnold.
“‘Destiny is what you make it,’ Murdock’s eyes were unnaturally bright. ‘And luck is what’s left over. If you want something to happen, you’ve got to make it happen.’

@DriveThruRPG: Pathways #2, a free pathfinder compatible magazine including

"Guest Editorial" by Ben McFarland
"Pyroclastic Creature and Ardon-nue" by Steven D. Russell
"Sacred Beasts: Priests of Fur and Feathers" by Jonathan McAnulty
"Malevolent Manifestation" by T. H. Gulliver
"Synergixxik" by Michael Welham
"The Riderless Horse" by Creighton Broadhurst
"Twenty Questions with Tim Hitchcock!" by Steven D. Russell.

[free membership required].

@DriveThruRPG: "The Charioteer's Tomb" from Griffon Publishing Studio.
"This free scenario introduces readers to all aspects of gaming in Pulp Egypt, from ancient tombs and superstitious workers to nefarious criminals intent on relieving the heroes of the treasures they recover. As members of an archaeological expedition, the characters explore a long-lost tomb belonging to a charioteer hero of the ancient Battle of Kadesh." For any game system. [free membership required]. More Pulp Egypt free downloads HERE.

Small But Very Cool.
@The Land of NOD: [encounter] Mu-Pan - Encounter XVII.
@A Character for Every Game: [Map] The Rad Ruins (post-apocalyptic).
@Blog on the Borderlands: [New Magic Item] Sandals of the Four Winds.
@The Savage Afterworld: [Links] Thundarr RPGs Found Throughout The Blogosphere.
@Strange Magic: ["1 page" dungeon] Citadel of Evil.
@Ancient Vaults & Eldritch Secrets: [New Spell] Burstcone.
@Ancient Vaults & Eldritch Secrets: [New Spell] Light as a Feather, Heavy as Stone.
@DriveThruRPG: Nobis Oracle Mysteries (Pathfinder)

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