Tuesday, April 5, 2011

An Owomoyela, Classic SF, Comics, and More Freebies

More fiction and audio fiction today, as well as some cool comics.

@Lightspeed Magazine: "All That Touches the Air" by An Owomoyela.
"The fog crawled out of the water and over his body, colonizing his pores, permeating bone and tissue, bleeding off his ability to yell or fight back. He was on his side in a convulsion before the Vosth parasites took his motor functions and stood his body up." Author spotlight here.

Expanded Horizons has its 28th issue up with
Issue Twenty-Eight (Apr 2011)

"God in the Sky" by An Owomoyela
"Three hours after the light flared into the sky,‭ ‬I finally got in touch with Dad.‭ ‬We were frantic,‭ ‬both talking at once:‭ ‬he said‭ “‬But we don’t know anything yet‭” ‬while I was saying‭ “‬There are already theories on the internet‭;” ‬I said‭ “‬This isn’t the dark ages,‭ ‬this isn’t an omen‭” ‬when he started laughing,‭ ‬saying‭ “‬People are lining up at church already.‭” ‬That was Tuesday."

"In Orbit" by Katherine Fabian
"In Oliver Twist, Fagin’s golems were powered by — of course — stolen pocket watches. Sarah remembered her grandfather’s easy smile as she had complained to him about this grave injustice. He had given her a big hug that smelled, as it always did, of cigar smoke and clay and Grandfather, then said, 'Would that were the most ignorant thing Mr Dickens had ever graced us with, my love.'"

"Updates Available" by Ryan Leeds
"My test data came back insufficient.‭ ‬They said my emotional range wasn’t prime for community integration.‭ ‬You usually hear these things when you’re a child,‭ ‬and they just go ahead and fix you,‭ ‬but in my case,‭ ‬it took them too long to notice."

"Conrad" by Kristine Ong Muslim
"Two knocks on the door.‭ ‬My father let him in. Conrad wanted to talk about his trip,‭ but his tongue kept on sliding out of his mouth."

@The Author's Website: "The Amazing Quizmo" by Kristine Kathryn Rusch.
"Darren has a secret identity. At night, he becomes the Amazing Quizmo, the Great God of Answers. He presides over bar trivia contests and no one can beat him. Until a girl appears. A pretty girl. A very pretty girl who just might be smarter than Darren. And for Darren, that just won’t do."

@Book View Cafe: "Mad Bad Richard Dadd" by Amy Sterling Casil.
"It was inevitable that Sir Thomas would take us to the storied city of Missolonghi in Greece — for the ruins. And of course, he must see the place where the hero Byron had died of fever. As a hero himself, Sir Thomas had a natural interest in the doings of others of like mind."

@Book View Cafe: "Chromosome Circus" by Amy Sterling.
“He’s a freak,” Montego said. Amid the fur were two delicate pointed ears. The boy growled deep in his throat as Joshie touched the tip of his right ear.

Serial Fiction:
@Strange Horizons: "Pataki (Part 1 of 2)" by Nisi Shawl.
"Now, though, a new leaf. A new life. A new career as a diviner. Rianne's ancestors had told her to take on any clients that came her way."

Classic SF
@Project Gutenberg:"The Hero" by Elaine Wilber, from If: Worlds of Science Fiction (Feb. 1958)
"Willy was undoubtedly a hero. The difficulty lies in deciding which side he was on...."

"At the Post" by Horace Leonard Gold, from Galaxy Science Fiction (Oct. 1953)
"How does a person come to be scratched from the human race? Psychiatry did not have the answer—perhaps Clocker's turf science did!"
@Project Gutenberg and Munseys.

"Queen of the Flaming Diamond" by Leroy Yerxa, from Amazing Stories (Jan. 1943)
"There it was, in a night club, the biggest diamond in the world. Why was it here when a whole race depended on it for existence?"
@Project Gutenberg and Munseys.

"The Black Tide" by Arthur G Stangland, from IF: Worlds of Science Fiction (March 1953)
"Space in its far dark reaches can be fickle with a man; it can shatter his dreams, fill him with fear and hate. It can also cure a man—if he is strong enough."
@Project Gutenberg and Munseys.

"Way of a Rebel" by Walter Miller, Jr, from If: Worlds of Science Fiction (April 1954)
"No one knows the heart of a rebel until his own search for the reason of right or wrong is made. Lieutenant Laskell found the answer to his own personal rebellion deep beneath a turbulent Atlantic, and somehow, when the time came, his decision wasn't too difficult...."
@Project Gutenberg and Munseys.

Audio Fiction:

@PodCastle: Episode #151 "Wizard’s Apprentice" by Delia Sherman, read by Peter Wood.
"At first he just thought he was doing some chores in return for food and a night’s shelter. But next morning, after a breakfast of oatmeal and maple syrup, Mr. Smallbone handed him a broom and a feather duster."

@19 Nocturne Boulevard: "Countdown" by Julie Hoverson, performed by a full cast.
"A haunted mine attracts amateur filmmakers."

@LibriVox: American Fairy Tales by L. Frank Baum, read by Matthew Reece.
"collection of fantasy stories was originally serialized in regional newspapers [...] lack the high-fantasy aspect of the best of Baum’s work, in Oz or out. With ironic or nonsensical morals attached to their ends, their tone is more satirical, glib, and tongue-in-cheek than is usual in children’s stories"

Flash Fiction and Poetry

@Every Day Fiction: "Tethered" by Kevin Shamel.
@365 tomorrows: "Monitor" by Duncan Shields.
@Flashes in the Dark: "A Posting on Craigslist" by Bruce L. Priddy.
@The New Flesh: "Of Mice and Men and Cats" by Garrett Cook & Ash Lomen.
@Daily Science Fiction: "Written Out" by Terra LeMay.
@Strange Horizons: [Poem] "Medical History" by F.J. Bergmann.

@Crosseyed Cyclops: Astonishing issues 12,13,& 26 and previously posted issues. Horror/SF, In CBR format.

Jungle Jim #22 & #5. Adventure. The Thing #9 (Old horror - not the superhero), and several issues of This Magazine is Haunted.

@Diversions of the Groovy Kind: "Above and Beyond the Call of Duty!" Drawn by Neil Adams. Horror.

@The Warriors Comic Book Den: "The Man-Eating Lizards!" Drawn by Joe Kubert, from Eerie Comics #1 (1947). Adventure/Horror.

Other Coolness:

@My Star Trek Scrapbook: "1985 Interview with Nichelle Nichols" from issue #30 of SF Movieland.

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