Saturday, May 7, 2011

Quasar Dragon Presents "Audrey's Moon" and "Code of the Fang" as well as Noir Links

Quasar Dragon Presents
A pair of classic stories from 1955 "Audrey's Moon," an SF story about a pair of telepaths in need of some serious anger management and "Code of the Fang" an animal adventure/fantasy.

@Criminal Element: [Fiction] "Beneath the Book Tower: An Alex McKnight Short Story" by Steve Hamilton.
"'Now, wait a minute,' Franklin said to me. 'Are you telling me this place is in Michigan? And it’s called Paradise?'"

@Criminal Element: [Fiction] "San Diego Noir: The National City Reparation Society" by Luis Alberto Urrea.
"It wasn’t like Junior Garcia only hung with white people now. But he didn’t see much Raza, he’d be the first to admit. Not socially. That’s why you leave home, right? Shake off the dark."

@Spinetingler: [Fiction] "Meet Market" by Sybil A. Johnson.
"'You said it yourself. Bars attract low-lifes and weirdos. This is the perfect alternative.' Kirsten grabbed a shopping cart from the line outside the store and headed inside."

@CrimeWAV: [Serial Audio] Episode Eleven of The Immortal Game by Mark Coggins.
"Ever wanted to go to a hoity-toity party in Pacific Heights, probably the most affluent neighborhood in San Francisco? Well, in episode 11 of THE IMMORTAL GAME, Riordan is going to take you on a personal tour"

@Digital Comics Museum: Roughly fifty issues of the classic pre-code comic book Crime Does Not Pay in CBR format. [free membership required].
"The series' sensationalized recountings of the deeds of gangsters such as Baby Face Nelson and Machine Gun Kelly were illustrated by artists Bob Wood, George Tuska, and others. Stories were often introduced and commented upon by "Mr. Crime", a ghoulish figure in a top hat, and the precursor of 'horror hosts'" -Wikipedia. More of the stuff that gave poor, fragile Fredric Wertham nightmares.

Free Comic Book Day
These are possibly today only.
@DriveThruComics: EPIC / Dyangirl One Shot.
@DriveThruComics: TwilightPop FCBD 2011.

That's it for today, two stories never before available on the regular internet (only before in scans via P2P) and a nice little section of noir links to help you plan your weekend murders. Tomorrow Lt. Bob will stream a movie, we'll have the usual comics section and a full post.

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