Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday Freebies

Insanely pressed for time today so I likely missed a few good free ones, but there are a few gems today with likely more tomorrow.

@Strange Horizons: "After All" by Carol Emshwiller. Speculative Fiction.
"I was thinking to write a story about somebody who needs to change (the best sort of character to write about), and all of a sudden I knew it was me who had to change. Always had been, and I didn't realize it until that very minute. So I have to be the one to go on a journey, either of discovery or in order to avoid myself."

@PodCastle: Episode #159 featuring "Judgment of Swords and Souls" by Saladin Ahmed, read by Stephanie Morris. Fantasy.
Layla bas Layla’s breath came raggedly and her blue silks were soaked with sweat, but she was pleased with her performance. Ten beheaded in threescore water-drops. She lowered her forked sword.

@The Land of NOD: Mystery Men, the final version, is available as a free PDF download.

"Mystery Men!
is a rules-lite superhero role-playing game based on the original fantasy role-playing game rules. Mystery Men! is designed to let you create characters quickly and get right into the crime fighting."

@RPG Creatures: [monster] "Myraclion"
"The Myraclion is a Ghost – the soul of a dead being trapped in the material plane. In a warped body, reflecting its sorry state, it feeds on the life force of the living to energize short periods of materialization."

@The Land of Nod: [Monster Variations] "1d8 Cockatrices"
@Trollish Delver: [Reviews with Links] "4 awesome minimalist roleplaying games" (three of them are free).
@Ancient Vaults & Eldritch Secrets: [Magic Item] "Horn of Change"
@Ancient Vaults & Eldritch Secrets: [Spells] "Curse of Susceptibility" and "Trail of Thorns"
@IX: [PC Race] "The Rahmú" Humanspace Empires.
@A Field Guide to Doomsday" [Monster] "Dynok" Mutant Future.

@The Horrors of It All: Dr. Thirteen the Ghost-Breaker in "Suicide Tower!" (1952) Horror.
@Diversions of the Groovy Kind: "Tears for the World Called Heaven" Science Fiction.
@Digital Comics Museum: Jumbo Comics #93 staring Sheena.

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