Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Free Fiction

Another batch of great free fiction today! Lots of fantasy, a couple of H. P. Lovecraft audio stories, and much more. I hope to have a comics and/or gaming post later today or tonight.

The illustration is for "A Prince of Thirteen Days" by Alaya Dawn Johnson.

@Fantasy Magazine: "A Prince of Thirteen Days" by Alaya Dawn Johnson, Originally published in Welcome to Bordertown. Fantasy.
"I clear my throat. “Mister Statue Man,” I say, because I haven’t grown up on the Border without learning to be polite around magic. 'Do you think you might have sex with me?'"
@The author's site: "The Quickening" by Jeff Vandermeer, from The Third Bear (2010). [via SF Signal]
"Sensio was, of course, a rabbit, and in the photo, Aunt Etta’s stance confirms this bestial fact—she holds the end of the rope that binds Sensio to the post, and she holds it, between thumb and forefinger, with a form of distaste, even disdain? Such a strange pose, delicate against the roughness of Sensio; even a gentle tug and his humiliation would be undone."
@DargonZine: Vol. 24, No. 1. Fantasy.

"Facing Fears" by Jim Owens and Naomi Owens.
"'How have they driven away their fear?' Cefn an'Derin paced back and forth in his small library. His gaze swept back and forth across his collection of books, scrolls, tablets, and other documents. He knew that the answer he was looking ..."
and "Undercurrents" by Rena Deutsch.
"Nilson kicked a piece of wood the size of his fist with his right foot as he made his way along Main Street. It flew several feet forward and nearly hit a bulky man walking in front of him. When ..."
@Aoife's Kiss: "Best of Enemies" by D. Moonfire. Fantasy. Up until July 2011?
"Two statues flanked the only entrance into the pitch black tower of the dire mage Rathim. Three yards tall and crudely shaped from granite. A hand-written sign on one said 'these are not golems!' in a manner indicating that someone might actually want you to believe they were not golems. Ten thousand runes glowed brightly across the surface of each one, implying they were more than just decoration."

@Sam's Dot Publishing: The Fifth Dimension Edition 13, #2--June 2011 SF and Fantasy.
@Sam's Dot Publishing: Spaceports & Spidersilk Vol.4 No. 2 The "SF, fantasy, and eww gross zine for kids" is now posted.

Serial Fiction
@White Wolf: "Silent Knife, part 7" by David Nurenberg. Horror. Vampires.
"'It doesn’t matter that Roarke knows Liliane is on to him,' Ariadne told her squad before their departure for the assault. 'The Prince has negotiated with the wizards and with the Princes of the surrounding demesnes.'"
@Legend of the Five Realms: The Destroyer War, Part 13 and Part 14 by Shawn Carman. Fantasy.
"The battle for the Fortress of Blackened Sight raged out of control. It was a chaotic fury, a maddened struggle between the dug-in Scorpion forces and a massive force of Destroyers that had returned more than three times larger than they had been at their last defeat here. As the Destroyers always did."

@19 Nocturne Boulevard: "The Facts Concerning..." by H.P. Lovecraft, adapted by Julie Hoverson. Horror.
"The 'Lovecraft 5' - Warren, Herbert, Charles, Edward, and Richard - gather again for another night of tall tales. Tonight, Warren regales the group with a history of a noble house that ... went downhill."

@Cast Macabre: "Episode 40, Blue and Gray & Black and Green" by Alethea Kontis, read by Barry Northern. Horror.
"Daniel was seven-and-three-quarters. He'd been seven-and-three-quarters forever. Daniel resided at Green Bottom, the one-armed General's big house on the river in Virginia. He liked tin whistles and marbles, especially the red ones."

Serial Audio
@Cthulhu: Episode #103 "The Fire Of Asshurbanipal, part1" by Robert E. Howard. Horror.
" the Lovecraft mythos gets a ping from another author. Robert E. Howard mentions the Necronimicon and the arab Al Hazred in this tale of the scarey and mysterious."
@The author's site: "The Starter Episode #17" by Scott Sigler. Science Fiction.
"Quentin hangs out with John Tweedy, and meets John's brother Ju. Quentin gets a hefty fine and discovers a lovely thing called "taxes." So why does the GFL use yards instead of meters? Why does an entire galaxy use English to play the game?"
@Beam Me Up: Episode #264 featuring:
"Memory pt1" by Michael Merriam "Chaos had come to her planet. In the
Publish Post
centuries that had past, the once beautiful and vibrant culture that had existed here had crumbled, turned on itself and had died. Nothing now survived except mutated dogs and a few equally mutated humans" and "Fertilizer" by Duncan Shields. "Earth is making a massive push to terraform Mars. Bio domes are up and machines are generating oxygen for a breathable atmosphere in the future"
Fan Audio
@Lightningbolt Theater of the Mind: "Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 Episode 1 The long way Home Part III" Vampires.

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