Saturday, June 11, 2011

QuasarDragon Presents "Around Infinity" and Gaming Links

"Around Infinity" by Oliver E. Saari, from Wonder Story Annual 1952 Edition, originally published in Captain Future (Winter 1940).
"THROUGH the three quartz windows showed darkness, far deeper than the black of interstellar space. It made one feel totally alone, forever removed from the familiar things of Earth."

A short, but mildly interesting idea driven story, which is less implausible than when it was written.

Full story HERE.

@A Character For Every Game: "Challenge of the Frog Idol"
"Challenge of the Frog Idol is an adventure aimed towards clever Labyrinth Lord" [or D&D] "characters of levels 3-6. The encounters may be a bit rough (didn’t get much playtest time in on this, being that it was a throw-together for a challenge), and the treasures are fairly skimpy."

@DriveThruRPG: [Game] Chronicles of Blood - Solo War Game.
"Chronicles of Blood is a game where you, the reader, takes on the role of an army commander in the world of Arax. It is your job to fight lead your troops to glory, destroying the enemy and either saving or conquering the world, depending on the army you choose."

@DriveThruRPG: [Game] Badass by Stargazer Games.
"BADASS kicks that logic in the face, twists its arm behind its back and makes it cry for its momma. Kick a reinforced metal fire door down off its hinges? BADASS Catch a bullet with your teeth? BADASS"

@RPG Creatures: [Monster] "Con'Laih."
"In deep burrows, inside the great glaciers and polar ice sheets, live the Con’laihs. The natural cracks and shafts produced by water are intersected by extensive mazes of Con’laih produced tunnels and caves. They hunt in the areas surrounding these ices, and occasionally send out groups to scout and find food in regions further away. "

@Ancient Vaults & Eldritch Secrets: [Spell] "Mystic Internment."
@Ancient Vaults & Eldritch Secrets: [Magic item] "Banner of the Two-Tailed Serpent."
@DriveThruRPG: "Observatory - Free Paper Model"
@Sea of Stars: [Magic Item] "Stone Axe of Blasphemy"
@A Field Guide to Doomsday: [Monster] "Landloach" Mutant Future.
@WotC: [Cartoons] "Alignments #1" and Aaron Williams' "Epic Campaign #1"
@WotC: [Monster Makeover] "The Demilich" 4E

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