Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday Free Fiction and Audio Fiction

Another day of cool free fiction (text, audio, serial, etc.)

Today's illustration is from StarShipSofa in the audio section.

 "Ghost Girl Takes Manhattan" by Carrie Vaughn.
"Meekly now, Jennifer walked with her friend—still keeping close enough that their arms touched. 'My parents would flip out if they knew I was anywhere near Jokertown.'"
@Hub: "The Train" by Keith Harvey.
"the pilot engineer of Engine B, exited the wheel house and moved to intercept him. He caught a glimpse of her emerging from the warmth of the building and stopped to admire her lithe figure silhouetted against the light. No matter how beautiful she was, he thought as he waited, he didn’t want her on his team."

Now Posted: Yellow Mama #26 (Horror/Noir - R rated)

@Short Story Me: "Yellow Roses" by Janet Baldey. Horror.
"The day after the funeral I knew I would have to leave the village. Its crooked streets, that I had once thought quaint, now seemed sinister as if dark secrets festered around each bend in the road"

Classic SF
@Hairy Green Eyeball 3: "Skeleton Men of Jupiter" by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Scanned Jpegs from Amazing Stories (Feb. 1943).

@Internet Archive: "The Red Death of Mars" by Robert Moore Williams. [via Marooned - Science Fiction & Fantasy books on Mars]
"With better space ships, exploration of other worlds brings more unpredictable hazards of mystery and death."

Serial Fiction
@White Wolf: Silent Knife part 8, part 9, and part 10 by David Nurenberg. Horror. Urban Fantasy.
"Ariadne was no stranger to disturbing sights—to blood and gore, to dismembered limbs and disemboweled torsos. But she turned away from the vision of Bourne’s rolling waves of flesh spilling out from the small towel he wore as he sat at the edge of the marble platform in the subterranean Turkish bath."

@Author's Site: "The Journals of Doctor Mormeck–Entry #11" by Jeff Vandermeer. Science Fiction. Earlier entries here. [via SF Signal]
"Living on a far-distant planet, Doctor Mormeck works for strange beings that might or might not be angels by conducting surveillance across a hundred thousand alt-Earths. When an avatar of Mormeck is sent to a war-torn winter city to investigate a mysterious Presence, the doctor will become embroiled an ever-widening conflict."

@PodCastle: "The Landholders No Longer Carry Swords" by Patricia Russo, read by Ann Leckie. Fantasy.
"Since the ascension of the young dukes, the landholders no longer carry swords, and we are no longer obliged to kneel in their presence. Taxes have been lowered; we can keep more of our grain, our olives, our limes. Obligatory civic work days have been decreased to five per month. Smile, the elders say. Raise up your heads. The sun has emerged after long, long years of rain."

@PodCastle: PodCastle Miniature "The Trouble in Leafy Green Street" by Lord Dunsany, read by Steve Anderson. Dark Fantasy.
She went to the idol-shop in Moleshill Street, where the old man mumbles, and said: “I want a god to worship when it is wet.”

@StarShipSofa: Episode #195 with "Frankenstein, Frankenstein" by Will McIntosh, read by Simon Hildebrandt.
"Phineas Gage has been grotesquely injured in a railroad accident, so he and his friend Darby come up with a scheme to make money by exhibiting Phineas as the genuine Frankenstein monster. When a man named Wilson comes backstage after a show and pays to ask Phineas questions about how he was brought to life, Phineas, believing him a fool, provides bogus answers." Tangent

Serial Audio Tuesday Terror #09: "Perry Dawsey, Are You Okay? Part 2 of 2" by OJ OgreOregon, read by Arioch Morningstar.
"Last episode, we met Nellie McDaniel and Anna Carl, two elderly nosy nellies. They're worried because Perry Dawsey, who normally stops by to check on Nellie, seems to have disappeared."

@The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences: "Night’s Plutonian Shore part 2" by Jack Mangan.
"We rejoin our epic tale across the America’s as Agent Bruce Campbell remains on the trail of Usher assassin, Mikael Scharnusser, who has fellow Ministry agent Brandon Hill captive. With a narrow window of time granted by the enigmatic agent of the States’ OSM agency, Bruce must rescue Agent Hill from this madman’s locomotive lair…"

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