Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday Free Fiction and Audio Fiction

Some more free fiction and audio fiction today. Including highlighted free fiction, the SF story "Face Value" (from which today's illustration comes) and the fantasy story "The Wishwriter's Wife" Keeping the even split between fantasy and SF, Dunesteef has a new audio SF story and PodCastle has new audio fantasy story.

Unfortunately, I have to report some very sad news. Lovecraft eZine has folded after just five issues due to the editor's health problems. This is a loss to the entire SF/Horror community, both readers and writers.

@Lightspeed: "Face Value" by Karen Joy Fowler. Science Fiction.
"When they had their backs to him he could see the symmetrical arrangement of dark spots which marked their wings in a pattern resembling a human face. A very sad face, very distinct."
@Daily Science Fiction: "The Wishwriter's Wife" by Ian McHugh. Fantasy.
"In the days when fairies were still to be found in the world, and wishes could come true, there lived a wishwriter and his wife. The wishwriter was a clever man, but plain, and born with a twisted back that made him stoop."
@Electric Velocipede: "The Chiaroscurist" by Hal Duncan.

@Free eBooks Daily: "Fluffs" by Daniel I. Russell. Horror.
@Pixel of Ink:The Gift of Fury by Richard Jackson. Urban Fantasy. [Kindle]
@Smashwords: The White Shadow Saga: The Stolen Moon of Londor by A.P. Stephens. Epic Fantasy [via Pixel of Ink]

@Dunesteef: "Must Have Own Weapons" by Edward McKeown. Science Fiction.
"At that moment, with gun in hand, he sees a rather unusual want ad. The only caveat? Whoever responds to this ad must be able to bring their own weapons. Well, at least Dan can fill that part of the ad, right?"
@PodCastle: "Portage" by An Owomoyela, read by Elizabeth Green Musselman. Fantasy.
"When it came time to carry her father’s soul down from the mountain, she had nothing to carry it in. The bowl her mother had carved from heirloom ivory, fit together like a puzzle mosaic and watertight without needing glue, had been shattered just that morning in an argument with the father’s retainer."

Serial Audio
@Pendant Productions: "Episode 22 Genesis Avalon" Fantasy.

Non-Fiction Podcasts
@Comics Podcast Network: V for Vertigo, Episode 112 - The Mass Effect of Comic Con
@Comics Podcast Network: Cape Town Extra - “Captain America: The First Avenger” Review.

There may be a second post tonight, but no promises - I'm often to fatigued after work to even consider it.


Beam Me Up said...

Wow, piles of great fiction again! I must say that I have an agenda when reading! There is just so much good stuff, that I can not help but check out what is available! Building up a wonderful contact list! Thanks.

FYI episode 271 is online at http://www.beammeuppodcast.com/beam-me-up-271-paid-p3-knippling-first-flight-bale/ Part 3 of Deanna Knippling's Paid. Which has got to be the weirdest romp in the multiverse I have ever imagined. And new writer Andrew Bale sends in First Flight which travels with the first interstellar ftl flight with the wildest climax to a story I have read in some time. Plus a review of the Green Arrow

Dave Tackett said...

There is an amazing amount of good stuff out there.

Already linked it on Sunday and listened on Monday :) I would love to see a Green Arrow movie - especially one based on The Long Bow Hunters, but unfortunately it was an apparently sub-par Green Lantern.

Beam Me Up said...

That is pretty much as Josh called it. It was ok, but tried to cram in way to much and then left major plot points left out. Let down all around

Dave Tackett said...

Definitely waiting for Redbox rental on this one

Beam Me Up said...

I am going to have to concur. One it just doesn't seem to be something I want to throw that much money at. And quite frankly I have come to enjoy the bonus features!