Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Morning Fiction

Good morning (or any other time). Some good free fiction today from a few good magazines and other sites. Added some cool audio fiction links, including the latest Beam Me Up, the audio of today's highlighted story, and more.

@Fantasy Magazine: "The World Is Cruel, My Daughter" by Cory Skerry.
"One day it was, “Why haven’t you any hair, Mother?” She stroked her own golden locks, which now swept her ankles, as she waited for an answer."
@AE: "Ascension" by Matt Moore. Science Fiction.
@GigaNotoSaurus: "This Strange Way of Dying" by Silvia Moreno-Garcia. Science Fiction.
@Mindflights: "The Dust of the Earth and the Foam of the Sea" by E.M. Biswell. Fantasy.
@Ray Gun Revival: "Fare-Weather Friends" by Joseph L. Kellogg. Science Fiction.

@Wily Writers: "Moon Drops" by Florence Ann Marlowe. Urban Fantasy.

@Aurora Wolf [Fantasy and Science Fiction]:
Now Posted: Crossed Genres #32 - Sidekicks & Minions.

Now Posted: Redstone Science Fiction #15

@Free eBooks Daily: "Mozart's Blood" by Louise Marley. Horror. Paranormal Romance.

Serial Fiction
Link@AEG: "Goddess (part 4 of 4)" by Shawn Carman. Fantasy.

@Beam Me Up: Episode #272 "Seth 7" by Fox Dunham and "Paid (part 4 of 4)" by Deanna Knippling
@Beware the Hairy Mango: Episode 83 "The Chimney Sweep and the Steeplejack" by Matthew Sanborn Smith.
@Fantasy Magazine: "The World Is Cruel, My Daughter" by Cory Skerry, read by Gabrielle De Cuir
@19 Nocturne Boulevard: "Trophy Case" by Julie Hoverson, performed by full cast. Horror / SF.

Serial Audio
@Author's Site: "The Starter: Episode #25" by Scott Sigler. Science Fiction. Serial.
@Drama Pod: "Journey to the Centre of the Earth Part Seventeen" by Jules Verne.

Non-Fiction Podcasts

@Comics Podcast Network: Deconstructing Comics #288 “Changing Ways” and “Heroic: A Womanthology”
@Comics Podcast Network: Weekly Comics Spotlight #206 2011-07-20
@SFFaudio: Podcast #70 discussing Science Fiction (and other) podcasts.
@SF Signal: Podcast (Episode 070) Panel Discussion of Favorite Podcasts

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