Friday, August 19, 2011

Peter F. Hamilton and Other Free Fiction

More cool free fiction today, including a Peter F. Hamilton short story, which supplied today's illustration. And other great fiction, including serials and eBooks, is listed. And don't forget all the audio fiction, it adds brain cells to make up for all those killed by top 40 radio! Sorry about there being no post yesterday, I was rather ill.

@Daily Science Fiction: "How Amraphel, the Assistant to Dream, Became a Thief, Lost His Job, and Found His Way" by Scott Edelman.

@Pixel of Ink [Kindle]:
@Free eBooks Daily [DRM]:
Serial Fiction
@Author's Site: "The Journals of Doctor Mormeck’s Avatar–Entry #12" by Jeff VanderMeer. SF.
@Author's Site: "Deluge (Part 81)" by Brian Keene. Horror.
@Author's Site: "Paradigm Shift #5" by Misa Buckley. Urban Fantasy.
@More Red Ink: "Texture of Other Ways" by Mark W. Tiedemann. Science Fiction.
@Paizo: "A Passage to Absalom (Chapter Two: Dry Sherry)" by Dave Gross. Fantasy.
@White Wolf: "Silent Knife (Part 18)" by David Nurenberg. Horror. Urban Fantasy.

@Dunesteef: "The Strange Affair Of The Sundered Man" by Joshua Reynolds.
"Ameriquetzlan ambassador Ulrich Popoca returns, this time to investigate a baffling case involving a person still alive, despite being–quite literally–half the man he used to be."
@AntipodeanSF: "AntipodeanSF Issue 158 Gamma"
@Drabblecast: "The Wish of the Demon Achtromagk" by Eugie Foster and "My Hot Spot" by Jessica Boughton.
@Escape Pod: "Radio Nowhere" by Douglas Smith, read by Wilson Fowlie. Science Fiction.

Serial Audio
@Brokensea Audio: ""Gaia’s Voyages : Episode 11 – A Fine Live Between Lovey Wuvie and Haitey Waitey Part I" by Elaine Barrett, performed by a full cast. Science Fiction.
@Classic Tales Podcast: "The Mark of Zorro (Part 7 of 9)" by Johnston McCulley, read by B. J. Harrison. Adventure.
@Warlock's Home Brew: "Beneath The Tower Of Zenopus (Chapter 2)" by Paul Fini, performed by a full cast. Fantasy.

Fan Audio
@Brokensea Audio: "The Prisoner : Torchbearer – Episode 5 – Know Thyself"
@Pendant Productions: "Issue 36 of Catwoman: Queen of Thieves"
@Pendant Productions: "Issue 67 of Batman: The Ace of Detectives"

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