Thursday, October 6, 2011

eZines and Audio Fiction

A few more cool freebies to start the weekend.


Now Posted: Aurealis #45 [Via SF Signal]
"Aurealis is the Australian magazine of fantasy, science fiction and horror. It has been publishing continuously since 1990, but this issue is its first e-publication. Aurealis #45 features the return of the legendary bunyipslayer in a brilliant story by Lachlan Huddy, a harrowing fairy tale from Aimee Smith, and an interview with Glenda Larke, as well as reviews, news and more. "

Now Posted: Theaker's Quarterly #38.
  • “The Lives and Spacetimes of Thornton Excelsior” by Rhys Hughes.
  • “The Daylight Witch” by Jim Steel.
  • “Off and On Again” by Alison Littlewood.
  • “Old Preach’s Gods” by Z.J. Woods.
  • “Better than Llandudno, eh?” by Michael W. Thomas.

Now Posted: Stone Telling #5 featuring speculative poetry by Patricia Monaghan, Yoon Ha Lee,
Shira Lipkin, JT Stewart, Delia Sherman, Erik Amundsen, Sofia Samatar, Alexandra Seidel, Elizabeth McClellan, Sonya Taaffe, Koel Mukherjee, Jennifer Givhan, Mike Allen, Eliza Victoria.

@Classic Tales Podcast: "The Lord of the Dynamos" by H.G. Wells, read by B.J. Harrison.
"Azuma-zi came to London from the dark jungles of Asia. Nearly penniless, he secures a job and is constantly bombarded with verbal and physical abuse. But to Azuma-zi, each beating holds a hidden justification. For he alone has uncovered the secret of the Lord of the Dynamos."
@Escape Pod: "Playing Doctor" by Robert T. Jeschonek, read by Josh Roseman.
"The problem with having a crush on your mad scientist boss is, every day she doesn’t see how wonderful you really are seems like the end of the world."
@Pseudopod: "The Voice In The Night" by William Hope Hodgson, read by Wilson Fowlie.
No — I DARE NOT,’ replied the voice, and it seemed to me that in its tones I detected a note of stifled craving — as though the owner hushed a mortal desire.”

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