Thursday, October 27, 2011

Free Fiction

Cool free fiction!

@Author's Site: "The Light At Whale Cove" by Kristine Kathryn Rusch.
"Sheriff Dan Retsler finally believes in magic. He has to, after all he’s experienced in Whale Rock. But he can’t take it any longer, so he’s moving away from the magical town. His successor has arrived just as the ghosts return to the lighthouse. Now he must train a newcomer in the dark side of Whale Rock, while making sure the terror entombed in the lighthouse won’t move into the town itself."
@Daily Science Fiction: "My Dearest Miranda" by Jaime Lee Moyer.
"Such pests are easily dealt with in a civilized clime. The maids might find an occasional pixie in the parlor or the odd brownie in the pantry during an exceptionally bad year. One simply calls in the local exterminator wizard and never gives the matter another thought."
@Fantasy Magazine: "Are You Watching Carefully?" by Christopher Priest.
"Here’s what you do, Jerry says. You get one of those little pipe tobacco tins and you put stuff in it. Important stuff. A fingernail. Some hair. A scab. Some dirt from a special place."
@Lightspeed: "Some Fortunate Future Day" by Cassandra Clare.
"Time is many things, her father told her. Time is a circle, and time is a great turning gear that cannot be stopped, and time is a river that carries away what you love."
@Ray Gun Revival: "Vampire Brides from Planet Hell" by Nick Lewandowski.
"On civilian astrogation charts it appeared as a grinning skull with a red X for crossbones. Even the land-starved nobility of the minor Rim states refused to touch it. Drakken III—better known as “Planet Hell” in gin joints all across the galaxy."
@Short Story Me: "Avalonis" by Deborah Dalton.
Blood bubbled up through his fingers. He dug his nails deeper into his gut and pushed his flesh back into place. He hesitated to think that the hem of his shirt had been stuffed down into the laceration, but he wasn’t certain of anything except the liquid warmth spreading across his hand.
Serial Fiction
@Author's Site: "The Journals of Doctor Mormeck’s Avatar–Entry #17" by Jeff VanderMeer.
"I made my way farther and farther East, a Demon within me and angels on my trail. I had a whole century to kill before I could rescue myself but I wanted to be as far from the winter city as fast as possible."
@Kat and Mouse:"Into The Woods - Part Five" by Abner Senires.
"I woke to a dull pain at the back of my head, a loud thump near my feet, a gargled protest, and the sour reek of body odor mingled with the scent of scorched metal."
@Paizo: "Blood and Money - Chapter One: Nightwalker" by Steven Savile.
"The topiaries of Hasim Rakhman's palace were legendary, all manner of fabulous beasts carved out of the shrubbery to stand guard over the merchant’s equally legendary maze. Isra stood in the shadow of a leonine predator. The scent of jasmine was thick in the air, overpowering other, far subtler musks from the many more delicate plants in the garden."

@Dunesteef: "After School Snacks" by K. Bowen Black.
"Old Mrs. Wakefield seems like such a nice lady. All the kids love to go to her house after school on Fridays for treats. Such a wonderful tradition they all enjoy so much. There couldn’t possibly be something sinister underneath, could there?"

@Fantasy Magazine: "The Invisibles" by Charles de Lint, read by Stefan Rudnicki.

@PodCastle: "We Were Wonder Scouts" by Will Ludwigsen, read by Christopher Reynaga.
"My parents, Father especially, had little interest in the imagination. “Why would you read things that someone else made up?” he always wanted to know. We had no books of fiction in the house or a radio, and I didn’t have many toys."
Serial Audio
@Beam Me Up: "Things - Part One" by Peter Watts.
Set in "The Thing" universe.
@Cthulhu: "The Damned - part 5"
In this weeks show, the next part of Through the Brazzy Wilderness, then a 1923 Blues(sort of) track and finally the main attraction, part 5 of "The Damned".
@19 Nocturne Boulevard: "The Dunwich Horror - Part 3" by H.P. Lovecraft, adapted by Julie Hoverson.
"Our heroes arrive in Dunwich - and find something is on the loose."

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