Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Three Free eZines

All quite good.

Now Posted: Clarkesworld #61
"Staying Behind" by Ken Liu.
"The dead pity us and call us the left behind, as if we were unfortunate souls who couldn't get to a life raft in time. They cannot fathom the idea that we might choose to stay behind. And so, year after year, relentlessly, the dead try to steal our children."
"Pony" by Erik Amundsen.
"Skull Pony is eying me again. He drifts in the paddock, shifting every now and then, always facing me. I don't like him and I don't trust him and I've more than half a mind that thinks the feeling is mutual."
"Silently and Very Fast (Part One)" by Catherynne M. Valente.
"Inanna was called Queen of Heaven and Earth, Queen of Having a Body, Queen of Sex and Eating, Queen of Being Human, and she went into the underworld in order to represent the inevitability of organic death."

Now Posted: Redstone Science Fiction #17 October 2011
"iTime" by Ferrett Steinmetz.
"I’d say that my roommate Rochelle had to have the latest in technology, but that would be incorrect. Rochelle had to have the most expensive thing, and the trendiest thing, but it barely mattered what her accessories did so long as they didn’t clash with her cheerleader’s outfit."
"How We Fall" by Andrew Knighton.
"The air was electric with her presence. Sergeant Grund’s exposed hands and face tingled with it and it sparked like tiny blue flares from the frayed remnants of his parachute harness."
Now Posted: Residential Aliens 5..7 – October 2011
"Rivalry on the Sky Course" by Bryan Thomas Schmidt.
"The alarm on the targeting computer of his VS28 starfighter filled Davi Rhii’s ears. He glanced down to see several blips had appeared."
"Brother Silence" by Karina Fabian.
"His eyes widened to see a dragon, but apparently, he’d heard my story, though I can’t imagine how. He stepped back, bowing."
"The Old Magician’s Club" by Louis N. Gruber
“Enough with the grand entrance, Zando,” said the Great Rappini, shorter, almost bald, a few gray hairs combed over his pate. “Nobody cares anymore.”
"The Fletcher’s Daughter" by Jeff Chapman.
“It can’t be helped,” said the Chamberlain. “And what a scandal would erupt if a princess from a neighboring kingdom snubbed Prince Arwek. Your father wants to flatter Arwek’s family, not insult them.”
"Freedom of Movement" by Steven Saus.
"Allaya straightens the cool pearls about her neck, then runs her dark hands down the stiff pink dress. A glance and sniff at the stove assures her that the ham is almost finished"

Audio Fiction
Clarkesworld: "Staying Behind" by Ken Liu, read by Kate Baker.

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