Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday Free Fiction

Some good audio-fiction to start things out - more items will be added later.

@Beam Me Up: Episode #281 "Am I still Here?" by James R. Hall and the conclusion to The Dark InSpectre by Jason Kahn.
" Here, in a tale set into the near future where any and everything can be repaired or replaced in a human body, the question is asked…when do you stop being you and become something or someone else that just thinks it is you?"
@Beware the Hairy Mango: Episode 87 - "Second Puberty" by Matthew Sanborn Smith.
@Drama Pod: "The Blue Tower" by Evelyn Smith. Science Fiction.
"Humanity has a new government which is ruled by a seemingly benevolent race of aliens....or are they?"
@Escape Pod: "Night Bird Soaring" by T. L. Morganfield, read by Mat Weller. Science Fiction.
"On his sixth birthday, Totyoalli’s parents took him to the holy city to see the Emperor Cuauhtemoc, but the plane ride proved the most exciting part. He kept his nose to the window, taking in the vast lands of the One World, from the snow-capped mountains of his home in the northern provinces to the open plains of Teotihuacan"
@Misfits Audio: "Jerry Lee" by Colin Thornton, performed by a full cast.
"Before a musician sells his soul for eternal fame he wants proof that the Devil will deliver."

Serial Audio
@Author's Site: "The Starter - Episode #34" by Scott Sigler. Science Fiction.
"It's a must-win game against the toughest-possible opponent, the defending GFL champion Jupiter Jacks. Quentin & Co. travel to the Sol System for a pitched gridiron battle in the Jupiter Net Colony."
@Drama Pod: "While Whispers Wait - Episode One" by James Sedgwick, performed by a full cast.
"A mysterious mishap in a moblie home park alarms certain residents in the small town of Deilsburgh Pennsylvania who fear that supernatural forces are to blame. The town's newly elected sheriff doubts her ability to step into the job and wonders why her father is opposed to her taking the position."

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