Friday, November 18, 2011

Five For Friday

More free fiction.

@AEG: "Worthy" by Robert Denton.
"In the Rokugan of Emperor Edition, the new Ruby Champion has a chance encounter with a man who may end a grave threat to the Empire, or who may simply be another body in the path of a nightmare."
@Daily Science Fiction: "Fields of Ice" by Jay Caselberg.
"Marsius pulled his coat tight against the wind. The snow blew in flurries swirling about his face and his fur boots sank deep. The sharp, dirt-ice smell crept under his hood, edged and filthy like the season. He looked up at the sheer stone Academy walls, their tops lost in darkness."
Serial Fiction
@Author's Site: "The Journals of Doctor Mormeck (Mountain)–Entry #26" by Jeff VanderMeer.
"“The smallest variation, the tiniest echo of a change would mean everything,” Gabriel said to me about the new alt-Earth he had tasked me with placing under surveillance. This place where the people of the Far North had finally come down to drive out the European invaders. "
@Escape Pod: "Driving X" by Gwendolyn Clare, read by Mur Lafferty.
"The dune buggy itself wasn’t that valuable, but the newer-model solar panels powering it would be enough to tempt any sane person, and the carboys of potable water were worth a small fortune out here."
@Pseudopod: "Repair" by Jonathan Lowe, read by John Meagher.
"The shelves inside were lined with skulls. Canine and feline. Beneath a row of glasses were several stacks of torn magazines. Glossy photos of nude women. He kneeled almost involuntarily, reaching for a small skull among others. Practically indistinguishable, except by shape."

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