Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Freebies

Happy Friday

@AEG: "Burdens" by Shawn Carman.
"Utaku Tsukiko laughed as she rode across the golden plain. She knew that she should not, for this was not a place of joy or abandon, but she could not help herself. This was a place of sorrow, but even in sorrow she found joy. It was everywhere, it was in all things, suffused there with the radiant light of the sun. Most could not see it, she had learned in her short life, and for them she felt genuine pity. But such moments as these were not for pity"
@Aurora Wolf: "The Globe" by Sandi Reed-Chan.
"The scene was idyllic, a world blanketed in white with dozens of children busy sledding down every available hill. Marcus Morgan was mesmerized; the scene was almost identical to that of the snow globe, which his grandfather had given him when he was nine."
@Aurora Wolf: "The Bodyguard" by Noeleen Kavanagh.
"Seog is with me. From waking to sleeping, she is there. She sleeps in my room, but she is not my maid. She is my bodyguard. Her real name is Fuinnseog Ni Tire. She is an Ardlander, born and bred, and their names are always long and strange."
@Daily Science Fiction: "I Kill Monsters" by Nathaniel Matthews Lee.
"Robbie killed monsters. He used a baseball bat, because they didn't give better weapons to ten-year-olds. It worked well enough. He'd cleaned out his room first, the slithering whispering things under the bed and the Chatterer in the closet."
Serial Fiction
@Author's Site: "Delude (Finale)" by Brian Keene.
"Something brushed against Sarah’s leg. She opened her mouth to scream, forgetting that she was below the surface. Cold, black water rushed down her throat. Gagging, Sarah reflexively tried to breathe, and more water flooded into her. She glanced around, frantic, but couldn’t see anything. She might as well have been swimming in ink."

@Drabblecast: "Year of the Rabbit" by An Owomoyel0a, read by Norm Sherman and Kimi Alexander.
"It used to be that the sun would go down and the streetlamps would come on and make pools of this wet, yellow light. No matter where you stood, you could see the lights on somewhere. You could run from streetlamp to streetlamp and you could look down the streets and you’d never drown in the dark…"
@Escape Pod: "Boxed In" by Marc-Anthony Taylorm, read by Barry Haworth.
"This one isn’t for the kids, because of references to sex workers and acts."
@Journey Into: "Hop Frog" by Edgar Allen Poe, performed by John Robinson, Big Anklevich, and Marshal Latham.
"Hop Frog is often the butt of the King's jokes and cruelty, along with the Royal Council, but Hop Frog still agrees to help them with a masterful ruse at the masquerade."
@Pseudopod: "The Blood Garden" by Jesse Livingston, read by Chris Reynaga.
She was alone when she died. / Could I revive within me / Her symphony and song, / To such a deep delight ‘twould win me / That with music loud and long
@Spider on the Web: "Chronic Offender" by Spider Robinson.

Serial Audio
@Author's Site: "The All-Pro - Episode 1" by Scott Sigler.
"Quentin Barnes & the boys (and girls) are back in the spotlight. [. . .] here we go with Book III in the Galactic Football League series"
@Cast of Wonders: "Saved - Part 1" by Arin Greenwood. YA.

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