Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans Day Free Fiction

Just a few great freebies this morning.

@Daily Science Fiction: "And The" by Alyc Helms.
"When the Bargain was first made--so the stories went--the leaves on the trees had just turned. The world was dressed in rubies and gold, and autumn rains darkened wood to ebony. But each Bargain lasted a year and a day. As the seasons cycled, the day of sacrifice crept through the winter."
Audio Fiction
@Drabblecast: "Rules for Living in a Simulation" by Aubrey Hirsch.
" The feature by Aubrey Hirsch provides, as described in the title, a didactic set of rules for living in a simulation (a universe constructed especially for us)."
@Escape Pod: "The Prize Beyond Gold" by Ian Creasey, read by Josh Roseman.
"Three days before the race, when Delroy had finished warming down from a
training run, his coach summoned him for a talk. Delroy could tell it was
something big. Michito’s job — assisted by his Enhanced empathy — was to
become exquisitely sensitive to his athlete’s mood, so as to help get the
best out of him."
@Pseudopod: "Flash on The Borderlands IX - It’s War!"
"Three VETERAN’S DAY flash fictions about war - ancient, recent and omnipresent"

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