Monday, December 12, 2011

Tuesday Free Fiction

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@Daily Science Fiction: "Substitution" by Brooke Juliet Wonders.
I'm training my replacement. Things I know about you that he'll need to know: You like your cappuccino made with skim milk, with a chocolate cookie on the side (you call it your morning defeats the purpose).
@Fantasy Magazine: "Torn Away" by Joe R. Lansdale.
The license was invalid by a couple of months, and the photo on it looked somewhat like him but it was faded and not reliable. I told him so. “Oh,” he said. “I should have noticed it was out of date.”
@Lightspeed: "After the Days of Dead-Eye ‘Dee" by Pat Cadigan.
"Maybe it was actually holed up in the old well. If it were, she couldn’t imagine how it was getting out. She shifted position on the chair and carefully set the shotgun on the table."

@World SF Blog: "Kolkata Sea" by Indrapramit Das.
I remember the first time my mother took me to see the city where I was born. She was a young woman then. There were seabirds rippling through the warm white sky high above her head, drifting like ashes on the summer breeze. I was in her lap, slightly nauseous from the motion of our vessel on the cresting waves.
Now Posted: Crossed Genres Issue 36 - Different
Now Posted: Ideomancer Vol. 10 Issue 4
"The Orphan Queen" - Michael John Grist
“Then you ask an impossibility, for such a thing cannot be done. The enlivening spark cannot be pressed into the puppet’s limbs through any other means than the strings of the puppeteer. It is not possible for a puppet to stand alone.”
"Neural Net" - Ken Schneyer
a work of hyperfiction. To read it, click the link marked ‘Begin’ below. A window will pop up allowing you to click more links and experience the story as you choose.
"Signs Following" - Erica Satifka
The alien is covered with short gray fur. Its mouth opens to a black hatch through which Dennis can see the rippling of the alien’s esophagus. The alien is slightly wet at all times.
Serial Fiction
@Kat and Mouse: "Into The Woods - Part Twelve" by Abner Senires.
Ten minutes later, we spotted the halted convoy ahead of us. Four Humvees, four dark SUVs, and three heavy-duty pickups, one of which had a manned .50-caliber machinegun mounted in the truckbed, sat on the shoulder of the road.

Audio Fiction
@Fantasy Magazine: "Torn Away" by Joe R. Lansdale., read by Stefan Rudnicki.

@PodCastle: "Ties of Silver" by James L. Sutter, read by V.O. Bloodfrost.
Harris always found me when I was at my worst. Not that it was particularly difficult — the way I figured it, I’d been at my worst for going on three years, and if there was reason to expect a change, nobody had clued me in.
Serial Audio
@Author's Site: "The All-Pro - Episode #7" by Scott Sigler.
"Quentin's past catches up with him as he runs afoul of Rob Froese, the GFL commissioner. This news angers Gredok the Splithead. We also get a glimpse of Quentin's past as a skinny, orphan miner on Micovi (read also, just how did Quentin get so damn big?)."

@Beam Me Up: "Thief of Futures - part two" by Thomas Minton and "Love and Perpetual Motion" by Bart Meehan, read by Paul Cole.

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