Sunday, October 14, 2012

Arrow - Mini-review

Arrow (2012-) CW's take on the time-honored DC comics character Green Arrow, brings superhero action to television.

Plot: After being marooned on a deserted island for five years, Oliver Queen, an irresponsible son of a billionaire,  returns a changed man.  Seeking to right the wrongs committed by  people who are legally untouchable, Queen becomes a costumed vigilante know as "Arrow."

The Good:  Reasonably close to the comic book character. Clearly set in the DC universe, allowing for many potential guest stars.  Plenty of Action.

The Bad: The bad is mostly minor complaints, not deal breakers. The show was rather cliche and occasionally cheesy.  The villains were not really a challenge, but that may change in future. Queen is far too savvy about technology and other areas for his background - either you're the vapid party-animal or you can have impressive skills, not both. You can learn archery on a deserted island, not hacking. "Arrow" instead of "Green Arrow."

Arrow gets off to a mediocre start with an utterly mundane villain and a host of minor problems, but shows some potential for improvement. The action scenes were well enough done, but not enough to carry the show.  Really the first episode was pretty much forgettable. However, with trying to establish a character's personality, introduce the supporting cast, and show the origin of the superhero, the lack of excitement in the pilot episode is to be expected.  Right now, I'll categorize Arrow as wait and see.

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Final Rating: 7 out of 10.  Not bad for television.

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