Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Freebies and a Really Bad Pun

Some great ones today including the lastest offerings from Nightmare Magazine (text and audio), Baen Books (text), PodCastle (Audio), StarShipSofa (Audio), and far too many to list twice. Also a musical treat and a way too much work for a bad comic in response to the latest excellant SF Signal Free Fiction Post.

At Baen Books: "Peace Offering" by Wen Spencer. Fantasy.
     "Since war broke out between the elves and the oni, the stories in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette had gotten a lot more bizarre. Walking trees loose on the North Side. Dragons terrorizing Oakland. A spaceship crashing into Turtle Creek. Flocks of men with crow wings mobbing downtown."
At Daily Science Fiction: "Lost and Found" by Jamie Todd Rubin. Speculative Fiction.
     "The mailman delivered the unusual package as the young man who visited me on occasion was leaving."
At Nightmare Magazine:  "Good Fences" by Genevieve Valentine. Horror.
      "He thinks at first the streetlight’s back on, but of course not. It’s been dark six weeks. There are already beer bottles piled on the sidewalk every morning from the dropout teenagers who surge in whenever there’s the littlest pool of darkness they can find, and then they smoke and drink and shout all night right under his window when he’s trying to sleep."

At Perihelium Hard SF featuring.
At Weird Fiction Review [Via SF Signal]

Now Posted: Fear and Trembling #50 Horror featuring
Now Posted: Three-Lobe Burning Eye #21 speculative fiction featuring.

Audio Fiction
At Nightmare Magazine:  "Good Fences" by Genevieve Valentine. Horror.
At PodCastle: "Little Better Than a Beast" by T.A. Pratt. Fantasy.
     "Granger was a powerful magician, in his way, and even if he wasn’t much use to the city’s secret shadow government of sorcerers, he mostly stayed out of the way in the park, and his elementals had been formidable warriors in last winter’s battle against the nightmare-things."
At StarShipSofa: "The Day Time Stopped Moving" by Bradner Buckner. 
     "All Dave Miller wanted to do was commit suicide in peace. He tried, but the things that happened after he'd pulled the trigger were all wrong. Like everyone standing around like statues. No St. Peter, no pearly gate, no pitchforks or halos. He might just as well have saved the bullet!"

Flash Fiction
At Every Day Fiction: "Selkie" by Pippa Cooper. Fantasy.
At 365 Tomorrow: "They Stole My Soul!" by David Barber.
At Yesteryear Fiction: "Borderland" by Michelle Kopp. Fantasy.

At Free eBooks Daily:

At Smashwords

At Enchanted Conversation: "The Ghosts of Classic Fairy Tales" by Kristina Wojtaszek. Mythology.
At Project Gutenberg: "The Golden Bough (Vol. 1 of 2)" by Sir James George Frazer. Mythology.
     "Sometimes it is the souls of the dead which are believed to animate the trees. The Dieyerie tribe of South Australia regard as very sacred certain trees, which are supposed to be their fathers transformed; hence they will not cut the trees down, and protest against the settlers doing so. Some of the Philippine Islanders believe that the souls of their forefathers are in certain trees, which they therefore spare."

Other Genres
Audio Fiction At Decoder Ring Theatre: "Two Is Too Many!" Noir.
E-Book At Free eBooks Daily: Blackwell Unchained by Troy D. Smith. Western.

Bad Pun

And as a special bonus
"The Ballad of Felix Baumgartner" by John Anealio.


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