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More good stuff, including two more stories from Beneath Ceaseless Skies.

At Adventures in Fiction:  Thieves' Honor, ep 11: "Bring Me the Crew of Martina Vega" by Keanan Brand .
     "Curses and threats following her down the corridor, Captain Iona Zoltana waved her dogtags across the security scan, the brig doors slid open, and she and her crew stepped into the holding zone between the cells and the entry."
At Beneath Ceaseless Skies: "Cursed Motives" by Marissa Lingen. Fantasy.
     "Being shipwrecked was a great deal more civilized than Safy had imagined.  She had her favorite and her second favorite hat, her lute and her fiddle both when she had feared the circumstances would make her choose between them, and an astonishing variety of fruit preserves.  She had the captain’s books to peruse and the first mate’s instruments to play with."
At Beneath Ceaseless Skies: "Unsilenced" by Karalynn Lee. Fantasy.
     "Veillen moved through the marble and alabaster halls of the palace as softly as any spirit: as though it was she who had died, she thought resentfully, instead of her father.  But the One-Eyed Emperor’s body had been placed within its tomb with all the proper rituals a full moon ago, and his daughter, in turn, was trapped in the palace."
At Daily Science Fiction: Nathan and the Amazing TechnoPocket NerdCoat by KJ Kabza [via SF Signal]
     "It begins to unravel in the Green Horse Café. And that frighteningly athletic-looking waitress (that's Jiao Ming, by the by, and she's gotta be 5'10" if she's an inch) is gonna be the one to pull that first, tempting thread."
At Gollancz Blog:  "The Thief-Taker’s Blade" by Stephen Deas" Fantasy [via SF Signal].
     "Two days since we took possession of the Flying Shark, and it’s taken us that long to settle on the name. The crew wanted to call it the Sun-King’s Doom, but that would hardly serve us if we were to put in to any of the Sun-King’s ports, so the Flying Shark it is."
At Short-Story.Me: "Fred" by Jeffery T.Ford. Science Fiction.
     "When it’s just you and one other person, trapped within a cramped apartment for seven straight months, this is what happens. Boredom invades your mind and you cling to anything anything anything that cuts through the monotony."
At Short-Story.Me: "A Romance of The Melusine" by James Boden. Fantasy.
     "Outlaws charged from the black wood, buoyed, fearless by means of drink. They ran wild, beating their painted chests, racing each other to the vanguard of the throng. A pack of dogs trotted at their side.  The animals were chained and armored with breast plates; they plodded through the mud, shoveling the soil with their muck caked paws."

 At Amazon: Creepers by Bryan Dunn. Horror. [via Pixel of Ink]
 At Free eBooks Daily: "A Halflings Rescue" by Heather Burch. YA Urban Fantasy.
 At Free eBooks Daily: Witch Eyes by Scott Tracey. . YA Urban Fantasy.
 At Free eBooks DailySora's Quest by T.L. Shreffler. YA Fantasy.
 At Free eBooks Daily: Classic Horror Stories edited by David Pickering. Horror,
 At Smashwords:
At Pseudopod: Flash On The Borderlands XIII - Responsible Parties. Horror.
At Radio Drama Revival:  "The Strange Case of Springheel’d Jack" Horror?
At Tales to Terrify: "Frontier Death Song" by Laird Barron. Horror.

Reviewed Free Fiction
At Variety SF:  Eric Frank Russell's "Brute Farce"  Science Fiction. 1958.

Other Genres
At Online Pulps Site: "One Tooth of the Law" by Joe Archibald. Noir 1945 and "Long Sam Mooches a Meal" by Lee Bond. Western 1945.

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