Friday, November 9, 2012

Comics, Gaming, and Science News and Viewpoints #2

Some more miscellaneous coolness including comic news, lots of science news, including a new dinosaur, Xenoceratops. [I have created OGL/OSRIC compatible stats for it at the end of this post]. Some medieval articles for those of you who play FRPs with a pseudo-medieval setting, or just find pre-modern history fascinating. Hobbit news as we approach the movie release. Some more gaming news and freebies. And a bit more.  

 [The image is for "Meet Xenoceratops: Canada's Newest Horned Dinosaur"
 not the OGL monster]


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Hobbit News

Gaming News and Views
Gaming Freebies
Magic Items
Retro-reviews and Miscellanea.
New Monster
Dinosaur, Xenosaurus
MOVE: 12"
% IN LAIR: Nil
DAMAGE/ATTACK: 1-6/1-8/1-8
SIZE: L (20'+ long)
      Attack/Defense Modes: Nil

This early ceratopsid dinosaur is in many ways, a smaller, less developed version of its later, more famous, relative Triceratops.  Living in small family groups or herds, these animals are extremely territorial and will attack anything that could be perceived as a threat to its young (even when there are no young present).  Even smaller, non-threatening, creatures may be attacked if they are perceived by these ill-tempered creatures as being unusual or non-native to the area.  Smaller animals are often simply trampled for 2-16 points.

[All stats are OGL, the name is public domain, the description is technically copyright 2012 Dave Tackett, but you may use it freely as long as credit is given] 

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