Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dark Fiction Magazine and a Few Headlines

Just a tiny bit more tonight.  There's new free audio fiction from Dark Fiction Magazine - link stolen without remorse from SF Signal. And a few headlines [Disclaimer: I wrote the "Bad Science Reporting 101" post. Don't want to link to myself without giving fair warning]


Audio Fiction
Dark Fiction Magazine #13 – The Drowned Lands: [Via SF Signal]
And The North­men Brought Their Gods by Lou Morgan. Horror.
      "It is said that be­fore the North­men sacked that most blessed of places, God’s own church at Lind­is­farne, dire portents"

A Hum­ble But­ter­cup by Emma Newman. Horror.
      The road end­ed with an abrupt drop in­to the ocean. Jim stood at the edge of the tar­mac, his car parked on the oth­er side of the bar­ri­er a few me­tres away."
 Jetsam by Adrian Faulkner. Horror.
     "The wa­ter that splashed over her feet was icey cold and sent a shiv­er up her, but she dare not stop, in­stead con­tin­u­ing to walk for­ward as each suc­ces­sive wave"
 Swamp Tale by Joshua Malbin. Horror.
     "A crane calls, a rat­tling, mu­si­cal sound like a stick dragged along a wood­en fence. An­oth­er joins it, then two more, then a cho­rus of dozens. They stand up from"
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