Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

 I was going to take today off, but I couldn't resist finding a few good ones.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone, even deranged cheese thieves.

[Art from "Goliath Falls"]

At Nature: "Goliath Falls" by Taik Hobson.
     "Physical analysis of Shifu's Execution concludes an improbable amount of force; it just isn't possible for his body to manoeuvre that amount of energy sans joint augmentation. And yet every time, I end up on the ground. From what I have seen, skill level tends towards a certain personality type; the one that Shifu happens to be demonstrating is No Ego."

At Paizo:  "Killing Time- Chapter Three: The Dead Prince" by Dave Gross. Fantasy.
     "Locking my gaze to his jaundiced eyes, I made a silent inventory of my weapons: riffle scrolls before me, the Shadowless Sword at my hip, and Arnisant at my feet. Yet for the moment, my most powerful weapon might be a sharp tongue. 'Prince Kasiya of Osirion.'"

Flash Fiction

 Audio Fiction
At Clarkesworld:  "Everything Must Go" by Brooke Wonders.
     "Two thick branches of English ivy pull away from 1414’s exterior and wend their way around the corpse. The rusted hinges of its cellar-door croon a lullaby of creaks and whines as they gape wide to receive Lucky. The house pulls the vine-choked body deep inside its walls. Tucked between sheets of plaster and insulation, the dog mortifies; soon the basement reeks of decay. Upstairs, a girl mourns her lost pet."

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