Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saturday Links

Some cool gaming freebies and more. 

At Adventures in Fiction: Thieves' Honor, ep 14: "The Game: Standoff" by Keanan Brand.
    "S-sirs?" The constable in charge aimed his gun somewhere between the extraction team and the crew. "May we settle this some other way than violence?" His words shook, but he stood straight in his dark blue uniform, shoulders back, and addressed the bounty hunter with a strong voice.

Reviewed at Variety SF: "The Can Opener"  by Rog Phillips. Science Fiction. 1949.

Audio Fiction
At Radio Drama Revival:  "Day of the Dead Returns" to New Orleans. Horror.
      "the retelling of Orpheus and Eurydice set in New Orleans"

Flash Fiction
At Every Day Fiction: "The Gift" by Dustin Adams. Science Fiction.
At Flash Pulp: "The Turnabout" by J.R.D. Skinner. Horror. (Audio and Text)
At Hereticwerks: "Gruekiller" by Garrisonjames. Fantasy. Horror.
At Spinetingler: "Me and You and the Loup-Garou" by Duncan Jones. Horror.
At 365 Tomorrows: "Touching Heaven" by Sierra Corsetti. Science Fiction.
At 365 Tomorrows: "Crash" by Duncan Shields. Science Fiction.
At Weirdyear: "A Call to Disorder" by Dixon Chance. Weird.

At Ancient Vaults: "Goblin Vine" Monster and "Blessing of Aid" Spell.
At And The Sky Full of Dust: "Orange Spikes" Monster and "Dynamic Lair: Dragon"
At Drive ThruRPG: "NeoExodus Legacies: Campaign Setting (PFRPG)"
At Hereticwerks: Many Monsters in the "Monthly Recap"
At Kobold Quarterly: "The Many Spirits of the Shaman: Archetypes for the Shaman Class" Part One - Part Two.
At Kobold Quarterly: "Cuts and Dust" Traps.
At A Life Full of Adventure: "Tzeentch’s Blasphemous Blessing" Magic Item.
At The Land of NOD: "Reaper" Monster.
At RPG Geek: 38 free small RPGs created  for the "2012 24-Hour RPG Design Contest." [via Age of Ravens"]
At Sea of Stars: "Medium’s Mask" Magic Item.
At Underworld Kingdom: "Six Mysterious Tombs" and "Things in the Mirror" Tables.
At WotC: "Displacer Cube" Monster. 4e.

Other Genres
Audio at Alfred Hitchcock: "The First Day of Spring" by Howell Hurst. Mystery.
Fiction at Online Pulps: "Drunk, Disorderly, and Dead" by Robert Leslie Bellem and "The Man Who Had to Die" by Gilbert Riddell.
Fiction at Project Gutenberg: Gargantua and Pantagruel by François Rabelais. Satire. Comedy. Fantasy. 16th century.
Flash Fiction at Every Day Fiction: "Small Adjustments" by Rheea Mukherjee.

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