Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dick, Pathfinder,, and Flash Fiction

Some free text fiction to begin the day.  A new Pathfinder serial begins at Paizo, a new story is up at, and a classic PKD story at Project Gutenberg. And there's some good flash fiction.  More later and don't miss SF Signal's latest free fiction roundup.

[Art from Thieves Vinegar]

At Paizo: "Thieves Vinegar - Chapter One: The Old Quay" by Kevin Andrew Murphy. Fantasy. Pathfinder.
      ""Observe, Orlin." Norret scooped a vial of purple cabbage water from the leaves I was blanching for the afternoon's meal. "Note how the introduction of even a weak acid transmutes the deepest amethyst to brilliant fuchsia...." He added a drop of vinegar and swirled it."

At Project Gutenberg: "The Hanging Stranger" by Philip K. Dick. Science Fiction. 1953.
      "Ed had always been a practical man, when he saw something was wrong he tried to correct it. Then one day he saw it hanging in the town square."

At "The Finite Canvas" by Brit Mandel.
      "We are marked by what we have been. And erasing either of those can have unpredictable consequences..."

Flash Fiction

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