Thursday, December 13, 2012

Free E-Books and Audio Fiction

There are some quite good sounding free E-Books today as well as audio fiction of different categories. There many audio fiction sites that are now on QuasarDragon's radar for the first time, thanks in part to, so expect to see a few "new" sites being linked.  (If you have young children, you might want to check out Classics on the Go in the other genres category).

[Art from Underlife linked below]

At Free eBooks Daily:
At Smashwords:
 Audio Fiction
• At American Radio Theater: "The Big Hand" Adventure. OTR reconstruction.
     "An adventure story from 1951. There's lost treasure in the jungle and Doctor Becker leads an expedition to find it.  But first she needs a guide."

• At Brain Drops Keep Falling on My Head: "The Red Room" by H. G. Well. Horror.
      "One of Wells’s most famous non-science fiction stories, The Red Room, though ostensibly a ghost story, may instead be an allegorical tale about the dawn of the 20th Century. If anything, that makes it even scarier…"

• At Campfire Radio Theater:  Twilight Road by John Ballentine. Horror.
      "A young woman, pronounced dead hours earlier, springs to life on the embalming table. Haunted by disembodied voices and recollections of a shadowy afterlife, Cerina is desperate to escape the ghoulish confines of the city morgue. Might she suffer delusions due to her accident or is something far more grisly amiss?"

Old Time Radio
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