Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Free E-Books, Comics, and OTR

Rounding out the day with some free ebooks, comics, and old time radio. They are all good so get them all.  And for more freebies check out SF Signal's  "Free SF, Fantasy and Horror Fiction" (Poor Regan found what I was getting him for Christmas and has come to "deeply regret that decision") and for spoiler-free reviews of  free SF check out Variety SF and

• Via Pixel of Ink: "The Spider and the Fly" by C.E. Stalbaum. Science Fiction.
• Via Pixel of Ink: "Blood Skies" by Syd Gill. Horror.
• At Free eBooks Daily:
• At Smashwords:
  • At Pappy's: "Captain Daring" from Buccaneers #22 (1950). Adventure. Pirates.
  • At The Horrors of It All: "Doomsday!" from Black Cat Mystery #40 (1952) Horror. 
  • At The Horrors of It All: "My Daddy Should Have Listened" from  Beware #12 (1952) Horror.
  • At Seduction of the Innocent: "HeartLine" from Chamber of Chills #23 (1954). Horror.

Old Time Radio


David Scholes said...

Hi Dave

Just made my "Soldier of the Brell" novella free on Amazon for 5 days:


Dave Tackett said...

Got it, Thanks!