Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Free Fiction, Free Comics and Science News

I must sound like a broken record "more great free fiction *skip* "more great free fiction *skip* "more great free fiction *skip* "more great free fiction *skip*" but virtualy every day some great sites release more of it. (And infite thanks to them!).  Today's fiction includes a pair from outstanding magazine Lightspeed, one from The World SF Blog, and more worthwhile stories.  For this week only(?), New Scientist is posting a flash fiction story a day. Plus there are some cool classic comics and news of note (if you check out the Science News headlines, doesn't it seem that at least three of them sound like pulp era SF?)

[art for Star Trek Into Darkness in film news]

At Author's Site: "Fate" by Kristine Kathryn Rusch. Fantasy.
      "She held a deck of cards in her left hand and cut it easily, sliding the top of the deck to the bottom. Her skin was pale white, her hair even whiter, and she wore a backless white evening dress. Grif could almost imagine her in the glassed-in cage on the lower levels, astride the white tigers."

At The Colored Lens: "Diffusion – Part 2" by Andrew Tisbert. science Fiction.
     "Billy watched as his clone looked down into the car. It felt as if time had stopped, as if the hail had become suspended in the cold gray air. Then the soldier looked away and disappeared."

At Daily Science Fiction: "The Show Must" by Matt London.
      "The soles of the dance shoes on Joan Jansen's feet were scored and coated with countless layers of rosin. She bent the shoes up and down, stretching the fabric, and inside, her feet. What else could she do? That was her routine"

At Lightspeed: "An Accounting" by Brian Evenson. Fantasy.
       "I have been ordered to write an honest accounting of how I became a Midwestern Jesus and the subsequent disastrous events thereby accruing, events for which I am, I am willing to admit, at least partly to blame. I know of no simpler way than to simply begin."

At Lightspeed: "The Perfect Match" by Ken Liu. Science Fiction.
       "Sai woke to the rousing first movement of Vivaldi’s violin concerto in C minor, “Il Sospetto.” He lay still for a minute, letting the music wash over him like a gentle Pacific breeze. The room brightened as the blinds gradually opened to the sunlight. Tilly had woken him right at the end of a light sleep cycle, the optimal time. He felt great: refreshed, optimistic, ready to jump out of bed."

At The World SF Blog: "Ceremony of Innocence" by Armando Salinas.
     "The rooms below were mostly dark and smelled. Damp melanomas stained the walls. Arthritic cables, knotted and almost fossilized with dust, crawled out of holes in the ceiling with naked light bulbs hanging like fruit. Whatever poor lighting there was, though, came mostly from the phosphorescent graffiti scribbled on every inch of wall. Occasionally, cheap portraits of saints and wooden crucifixes eclipsed the glowing artwork"

At Weird Fiction Review: "The Engine of Desire" by Livia Llewellyn. Horror.
       "Megan pulls the empty wine glass from her husband’s limp hand. His fingers brush the shag of the living room floor, sway to the sleepy sigh of his breath. Clocks tick in the kitchen and hallways, and when she places the glass on the coffee table, the clink against the wood shoots like a falling star through the silent house. Outside, in the neighborhood, the engine throbs and waits."

Reviewed Free Fiction
Flash Fiction
  • At New Scientist: "Digital Eyes" by Tamara Rogers. Science Fiction.
  • At New Scientist: "S3xD0ll" by Kevlin Henney. Science Fiction.
  • At 365 Tomorrows: "I, Rifle" by Jae Miles. Science Fiction.
Audio Fiction
At Lightspeed: "The Perfect Match" by Ken Liu. Science Fiction.
      described above.

At SFFAudio: "The Flying Machine" by Ray Bradbury.
     " a short “fantasy” set in a mythical China"

At Atomic Kommie Comics: ""Gambling Den of Space" Sci-Fi. 1940.
At Digital Comics Museum: Black Magic 020 Horror 1953 and Tales of Horror 002 Horror. 1952.
At The Horrors of It All: "Thing in the Graveyard / Third Grave on the Right..." Horror. 1952/1954.
At Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogzine: "two stories from consecutive issues of Captain Flight Comics" Sci-Fi. 1945/1946.

Other Genres
Flash Fiction at Every Day Fiction: "Barrels" by Dirk Knight. Surreal.

Science News
Genre Film News


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