Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday Freebies Part 2 of 2

 A few more goodies for you today.  Back tomorrow.

Cool Site
 I don't mention cool sites that aren't about free fiction nearly enough, so one I should mention to correct that is The Comic Prospector, a site where Rusty Keele of fame reviews comic books of virtually all genres.  Do yourself a favor and check it out. And don't miss the Elfquest review, which links to free online editions.

At Free eBooks Daily:

At Atomic Kommie Comics: Buster Crabbe in "Dark of the Moon" Sci-Fi. (1954).
At Atomic Kommie Comics: Spacehawk in "My Friend, My Foe" Sci-Fi. (1940).
At The Horrors of It All: "Gorillas, Ghosts, and Gangsters" Horror. Humor. (1942).
At Pappy's Golden Age: "The Devil's Typewriter" Horror. (1952).
At Digital Comics Museum:


Rusty said...

Thanks for the mention Dave! I am really enjoying reading through a variety of different comic books, and plan to review some free ones soon too.

Anyway, thanks for all your good work - I really appreciate it!

Dave Tackett said...

My pleasure, "The Comic Prospector" is a good site!