Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Nightmare Magazine, StarShipSofa, and AntipodeanSF

A few goodies to start the the day.  There's a new horror story with both audio and text versions, at Nightmare Magazine. StarShipSofa has a new audio SF story, and AntipodeanSF has five audio flash fiction stories in their latest podcast.  All are worth checking out as are the shorter works linked below.

• At Nightmare Magazine: "Chop Shop" by J.B. Park. Horror.
      "If only she could find the right words to thank him. As he cuts into her thigh, she wants to say something, some small word of gratitude, but her tongue is gone and so she keeps quiet—utters not even a mumble as he continues his work. The scalpel shav es off small slivers of flesh and the sensation is electrifying, little jolts that flash through the drug-haze, and when it’s all over she stares down with dull curiosity at her legs, flayed to the bone. There is a detachment there in which she luxuriates."

Flash Fiction

Audio Fiction
• At AntipodeanSF: "The AntiSF Radio Show 173" Speculative Fiction.
      "five fabulous flash stories from the not so usual suspects. Weave some story time with us while we take a look at horrific love, reveal a Revelation, delve into underbelly of intellectual property rights, discover the future of human skin, well sort of, and grow our gardens in space."

• At Nightmare Magazine: "Chop Shop" by J.B. Park. Horror.
Described above.

• At StarShipSofa: "Topsider" by Jeff Carlson. Science Fiction.
     "Alexis and crew are above, literally and figuratively, the sunfish. The focus of the plot in this episode is Alexis’ coming to be a part of the new crew, the anthropological study of the sunfish – who are very hostile to intruders – and the inevitable politicking inherent when several space agencies send scientific delegations to study the only other intelligent race now known." - Review at Grasping for the Wind.

Other Genres

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