Saturday, December 22, 2012

Two E-Zines and More

 A few goodies for you this morning (or whatever) including a pair of online e-zines (including one swiped from Regan Wolfrom at SF Signal), flash fiction, audio fiction, and more. More later this weekend since the stupid apocalypse scare didn't pan out. Oh, well. There's always next time. (Unfortunately, there's always another ignorant scare. Peolpe never learn.)

[art from Aphelion, linked below]

Now Posted Aphelion Webzine #169 December/January. Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror.
Now Posted: The Revelator Vol. 137 · No. 1. [via SF Signal]
"More Dark" by Laird Bar­ron. Horror.
     "On the after­noon train from Pough­keep­sie to New York City for a thing at the Krem­lin Bar  —  John and me and an empty seat that should’ve been Jack’s"

"Love­craft in Brooklyn" by Meghan McCar­ron. Horror.
     "The scratch­ing in the walls both­ered one room­mate in particular"
Flash Fiction
  • At Eschatology: "One Last Drink" by R.A. Malek. Horror.
  • At 365 Tomorrows: "Time Cop" by Bob Newbell. Science Fiction.
Audio Fiction
At Clarkesworld: "Sweet Subtleties"  by Lisa L Hannett,
      "Javier calls me Una, though I’m not the first. There are leftovers all around his studio. Evidence of other, more perishable versions. Two white chocolate legs on a Grecian plinth in the corner, drained of their caramel filling"

At Tales to Terrify. Episode #50. Horror.
  • "Smee" by A.M. Burrage
  • "Number Ninety" by Mrs. B.M. Croker.
  • "Stories Like Pearls" by P.D. Cacek.
Old Time Radio
Other Genres
  • Flash Fiction at Every Day Fiction: "Dreams of Disappearing" by Renee Holland Davidson.
  • Fiction at Online Pulps: "Detective T.N.T." by Anthony Clemens (1941), "Tramps' Christmas Eve" by Johnston McCulley (1948), and "Tarawa Payoff" by H. Wolff Salz (1945). Noir


Beam Me Up said...

wow, just had a quick run through of all the fiction! What a trove of fiction you collected with this one.
Thanks Dave

Dave Tackett said...

You're welcome Paul! I'm still amazed at how much good stuff is out there.