Friday, January 11, 2013

Audio Fiction, E-zines, and More Free Fiction

There are three free 'zines today (two via Regan Wolfrom, the hard-working free fiction guru at SF Signal),  new fiction at Cosmos, flash fiction, and audio fiction from some of the best audio fiction sites, including a Rachel Swirsky story at PodCastle. Huzzah!

Back later with e-books, comics, QD Radio, and more. - Your host, Dave Tackett.

• At Cosmos: "Time Trash" by Michael Greenhut. Science Fiction.
      "The only shock of real-life time travel is mediocrity. If this were a movie, I'd be asking why they can't pay at least ten dollars for a cheap special effect - a flash or a rattle or something."

• Now Posted: Bourbon Penn issue 06 (slipstream, cross-genre, magic realism, etc.)
• Now Posted Kaleidotrope Winter 2013- science fiction, fantasy and horror

• Now Posted: The Were-Traveler #6. Werewolves.
  • "Canis Major" by Melissa Crory (Flash) 
  • "Legend of the Amatshotsho" by David Edward Nell (Short Story) 
  • "The Last King of the Werewolves" by Christopher Bleakley (Short Story) 
  • "A Werewolf Finds Her Paradise" by Reed Beebe (Drabble) 
  • "Obituary" by Dawn Nikithser (Micro-fiction) 
  • "Nearby Wolf Packs" by Tim Tobin (Drabble) 
  • "Going Home" by by K.R. Smith (Short Story) 
  • "The Road of Yellow Brick" by Reed Beebe (Drabble) 
  • "Cosmic Lycanthrope" by Audiowriter (Short Story) 
  • "Unanswered Prayers" by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt (Drabble) 
  • "Werewolf in Space" by Robert Lee Frazier (Short Story) 
  • "Point Towards Enemy" by Reed Beebe (Drabble) 
  • "For Charlie" by David Edward Nell (Short Story) 
  • "Changed" by Margaret Glover (Drabble) 
  • "No Vacancy" by Jonathan Ems (Flash) 
  • "Mackenzie’s Lot" by Jack Rousseau (Micro-fiction) 
  • "The Lame Thing" by Lesa Pascavis Smith (Short Story) 
  • "The Battle" by Michael A. Kechula (Flash) 
  • "Big, Bad Wolf" by Matt Cushing (Short Story)
Flash Fiction
• At Every Day Fiction: "Out Shopping in Hyperspace" by Michelle Ann King. Science Fiction.
• At 365 Tomorrows: "Touching" by David Gill. Science Fiction.
• At Weirdyear: "Franz Joseph Gall, Phrenologist" by Jacob Thiessen.
• Poetry At Kaleidotrope
Audio Fiction
• At The Classic Tales PodcastThe Wizard of Oz, part 2 of 4, by L. Frank Baum.
      "The Tin Woodman and the Cowardly Lion join Dorothy and the Scarecrow on their journey to the emerald city. But their journey through the dark forest is fraught with peril – and poppies."

• At PodCastle: "A Memory of Wind" by Rachel Swirsky. Fantasy.
      "Before I woke, I lost the flavor of rancid oil and the shade of green that flushes new leaves. They slipped from me, and became gentle breezes that would later weave themselves into the strength of my gale. Between the first and second beats of my lashes, I also lost the grunt of goats being led to slaughter, and the roughness of wool against calloused fingertips, and the scent of figs simmering in honey wine."

• At Pseudopod: "The Persistence Of Memory" by William Meikle. Horror.
     "It couldn’t be her husband, for he had been dead these three years now. But whoever was downstairs knew exactly what to play to get her heart racing; the old songs from when the sun shone and life was good."

• At Tales to Terrify:“Violent Delights” by Harry Shannon. Horror.
     "an increasingly feverish and chilling drama plays out between a selfish young actress and her hit-and-run victim who lies helpless on the hood of her car." Sony ReaderStore.

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