Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Good Morning

Some good ones this morning!  More to come soon.

[art from Nightmare Magazine - linked below]

• At Nightmare Magazine: "Chew" by Tamsyn Muir. Horror.
      "Anton’s American soldier had whipped out the torn front page of the newspaper for him to translate the headline. His German was very bad and Anton’s English worse, but they worked it out anyhow, repeating it back and forth to each other until they were satisfied with the results. He admired the headline mainly because the American was his friend, then asked for chewing gum."

• At Silver Blade: "The Guild of Swordsmen: Part 4" by Kristin Janz.
     “So anyone who doesn’t want to be in a Guild better not try to get into the Imperial Guard through this contest, is that it?”  Filipe used a fork to sharply stab a chunk of sweating cheese on the tray between them as if the cheese were responsible for the contest rules."

• At "When We Were Heroes" by Daniel Abraham. Superhero.
      "an affecting examination of celebrity, privacy, and the different ways people deal with notoriety and fame—problems not made easier when what you’re famous for are superpowers that even you don’t fully understand."

Flash Fiction
Audio Fiction
• At PodCastle: "Tiger in the BSE"  by E. Lily Yu. Fantasy.
      "There was once a tiger in Mumbai, a Kshatriya and a ruthless trader of stocks, who lived in a glossy high-rise the color of the sea. His suits of slick poplin and seersucker were confected by two tailors in Milan; his bath was cut from marble as rich as soap, and always drawn warm and fragrant for him at the end of each day; and his suppers"

• At StarShipSofa: "The Moon Moth Part 1" by Jack Vance. Science Fiction/\.
     "Edwer Thissell, the new consul from Earth to the planet Sirene, has trouble adjusting to the local culture. The Sirenese cover their faces with exquisitely crafted masks that indicate their social status or strakh. They also communicate by singing, accompanying themselves with one of a dozen musical instruments, selected based on the social situation. Furthermore, errors of etiquette may prove fatal. Thissell is a maladroit musician and lacks confidence in the alien society, so he is forced to wear a lowly Moon Moth mask." - Wikipedia.

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