Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wednesday Part 2

Still having minor technical issues but here are few more very cool freebies. And don't miss today's free fiction links at SF Signal, Regan has done a great job, as always.

[art from  "Among the Dead" linked below]

At Baen Books: "Eleutherio" by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller.
      "Though it no longer worked, Friar Julian cared for the organ, still, waxing the wood, polishing the bright-work, dusting the keys, the bench, the pedals. As the organist, it had been his duty to care for the organ. Duty did not stop simply because the organ was broken."

At Paizo:  "In Red Rune Canyon - Chapter Two: Among the Dead" by Richard Lee Byers. Fantasy.
     "Meanwhile, Eovath likewise forsook his pair of javelins in favor of his battleaxe. Jorn Blacklion had pulled the enormous double-bitted implement from the grip of a giant he'd slain in battle, and it fit the hands of his adopted son better than any little human weapon could."

Flash Fiction at Daily Science Fiction: "Casting Call" by Alexandra Grunberg.

Audio Fiction
At LibriVox: Short Science Fiction Collection 047

  • 2BR02B by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. – 00:16:58
  • The Ambulance Made Two Trips by Murray Leinster – 00:42:00
  • The Blind Man's World by Edward Bellamy – 00:45:00
  • Cum Grano Salis by David Gordon – 00:53:28
  • Earthmen Bearing Gifts by Fredric Brown – 00:07:04
  • Egocentric Orbit by John Cory – 00:07:22
  • The Eyes Have It by Philip Kindred Dick – 00:10:26
  • Keep Out by Fredric Brown – 00:10:51
  • I'll Kill You Tomorrow by Helen Huber – 00:15:44
  • Longevity by Therese Windser – 00:04:18
  • Missing Link by Frank Herbert – 00:42:57
  • Native Son by T.D. Hamm – 00:15:11
  • No Pets Allowed by M. A. Cummings – 00:10:14
  • The One and the Many by Milton Lesser – 00:11:18
  • One Man's Poison by Robert Sheckley – 00:38:25
  • The Power and the Glory by Charles W. Diffin – 00:15:40
  • It's a Small Solar System by Allan Howard – 00:09:17
  • Of Time and Texas by William F. Nolan – 00:05:00
  • Two Timer by Fredrick Brown – 00:05:55
  • The Aggravation of Elmer by Robert Nolan - Trans. by Justin Daniels – 00:14:06
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