Saturday, February 23, 2013

Weekend Freebies

Several great free genre items today - both written and audio.

At Beneath Ceaseless Skies: "Sate My Thirst with Ink and Blood" by Adam Callaway. Fantasy.
     "My camel died in the middle of a sandstorm. Until that moment, I did not know camels could die. They seemed as much a part of the landscape as the dunes or the dry riverbeds. Maybe camels exist in geologic time, and the one I had stolen from the spice merchant had been around since the days when Ars and Dem were one lush continent; before the Tragedy rent the land in two and sent the pieces to opposite ends of the great round world."

• At Beneath Ceaseless Skies: "The Language of True Things" by Nick Scorza. Fantasy.
     "The boy’s new master wore a dirty wig, slightly askew—a halfhearted gesture at propriety. His old master and his journeymen, who suffered no insult from guards, priests, or Viceroy’s soldiers, withdrew in fear and stumbling bows from this rumpled little man, who might have been a drunken petty lord but for his owlish stare."

• At Cosmos: "Sleeping Beauty" by Thoraiya Dyer. Speculative Fiction.
    "There’s nobody in the scorched, flattened remnant of the city. No secret tunnels. No footprints in the ash."

• At Daily Science Fiction: "Five Minutes" by Conor Powers-Smith.
     Most men were perfectly capable of understanding signals, but some chose not to. Apparently this was one of those, because he said, "Hey, uh... can I buy you a drink?"

• At Paizo: "The Fate of Falling Stars: Chapter Three: Buried in the Sky" by Andrew Penn Romine. Fantasy. 
     "Captain Najh Semekh and his two soldiers formed a wall between Shaba Alemas and me. Drawn scimitars gleamed cold with starlight, while Najh's knife dripped rancid black fluid. I drew my own dagger, trying to catch Shaba's eyes, but they were hidden in pools of shadow. The sleeping roc stirred, the sound of its feathers ruffling like the canvas of a ship under sail." 

Flash Fiction
  • At Every Day Fiction: "Recall" by Joschua Beres. Science Fiction.
  • At Flashes in the Dark: "Apocalyptic" by Hallie H. Dolin. Horror.
  • At Nature: "A Gift of Pain" by V. G. Campen. Science Fiction.
  • At 365 Tomorrows: "Apollyon" by Matthew Wells. Science Fiction.
  • At 365 Tomorrows: "Daphne" by Lisa Play. Science Fiction.

Audio Fiction
• At Beneath Ceaseless Skies: "Sate My Thirst with Ink and Blood" by Adam Callaway. Fantasy.
      Described Above.

• At Cast of Wonders: "Mercurial Skin"by Raechel Henderson. YA.
     "The boy wears standard neo-goth attire--lots of black and dripping in chains--but his costume can't hide his white-bread good looks. He’d be better suited to a band or school or fast food uniform."

• At Clarkesworld: "Vacant Spaces" by Greg Kurzawa.
     "Shepard ducked into the tug’s four-man cockpit, wincing at the strain on his knees. His assigned jockey for the day’s salvage was already hunched over his pre-flight checks at the console. Glancing up at Shepard’s entrance, he made a disappointed grunt before resuming his work."

• At Escape Pod: "The Tamarisk Hunter" by Paolo Bacigalupi. Science Fiction.
      "Ten years ago, it was a good living. Back then, tamarisk shouldered up against every riverbank in the Colorado River Basin, along with cottonwoods, Russian olives, and elms. Ten years ago, towns like Grand Junction and Moab thought they could still squeeze life from a river."

• At Fantastic Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs: "Episode 25 - The Return of Tarzan" Adventure.
      "Jane Porter has been captured by the frightful gorilla-men of Opar. Now, she has been prepared for sacrifice on the altar of The Flaming God. La, the High Priestess, is slowly lowering the sacrificial dagger toward her heart"

• At LibriVox: "Short Story Collection Vol. 054"
    Includes two Lord Dunsany dark fantasy shorts "Chu-Bu and Sheemish" and "The Sword of Welleran"

• At Pseudopod: "Cry Room" by Ted Kosmatka. Horror.
       “Around him, ladies fanned themselves in the heat, dressed in their Sunday finest. At the front of the church, the minister began. He was an older gentleman, narrow and angular as the church itself. Somewhere up ahead, among the sea of blue hair and balding pates sat his cousin Jason—along with Jason’s wife, her grandparents, and other assorted relation, both close and distant, all here for the special occasion."

• At Tales to Terrify: "Surfaces" by Richard Chwedyk. Horror.
      No description found.

Other Genres
  • Audio at Classic Tales Podcast: "The Man Who Knew Too Much" part 3 of 8 by G.K. Chesterton
  • Audio at Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine: "Jazreen" by L. A. Wilson, Jr.
  • Audio at Ellery Queen: “Hedge Hog” by Hilary Davidson.
  • Flash Fiction at Every Day Fiction:  "Understanding" by Peter Jump.

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