Friday, March 1, 2013

Comics, Flash Fiction, and More

A lot of cool free flash fiction and comics this morning as well as a couple each, great fiction and and audio fiction stories.  More later today or tomorrow morning.  Today's QD Radio is Murray Leinster's "A Logic Named Joe" adapted on Dimension X.

[Art from "Space Pirates of Lanthus IV" linked below in the comics section]

• At Night Shade Books: "On the Arrival of the Paddle-Steamer on the Docks of V" by Peter M. Ball.
     "Our tiny hotel room is boiling, even now, but heat doesn’t bother Patrick and he sleeps, shirtless, with the thin sheet coiled round him like a loving serpent. It’s a trick for him, nodding off. He cultivates a talent for sleep, adores the act of dozing off like it’s a second lover. He says it keeps him young, and perhaps it does, for people are always surprised to learn Patrick’s real age."

• At Project Gutenberg: "A Witch Shall Be Born" by Robert E. Howard. Fantasy. 1934.
     "'Who am I?' There was the spite of a she-cobra's hiss in the soft response. The girl stepped to the edge of the couch, grasped the queen's white shoulders with fierce fingers, and bent to glare full into the startled eyes of Taramis. And under the spell of that hypnotic glare, the queen forgot to resent the unprecedented outrage of violent hands laid on regal flesh."

Flash Fiction
Audio Fiction
• At Beware the Hairy Mango: "The Slow and the Furious" by Matthew Sanborn Smith. Weird.
      No description Found

• At PodCastle: "My Dignity in Scars" by Cory Skerry. Fantasy.
     "This time, I am at Ukaya’s house, trimming the hooves of her goats, because her joints are too swollen and stiff to wield a knife. The morning sun prickles my back and rough goat hair prickles my belly as I whittle off thin curls of hoof."


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