Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Part Two

 A few more good free fiction links. Will have more posts this weekend and try to get caught up on E-Books and Comics.

• At Daily Science Fiction: "Copper and Steel" by Lynette Mejia.
      "She found him in the middle of an abandoned trash dump, rummaging through discarded radiator coils and old engine parts. For a while she simply watched him, picking slowly through the junk, examining a piece of something before tossing it over his shoulder. His left arm hung useless at his side, though based on the lack of compensatory dexterity with his right, it hadn't been that way for long."

Flash Fiction
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• At Pseudopod: "Wings" by Nathaniel Lee. Horror.
     "Fresh wails assault my ears as I leave the cell and haul the rusty door shut. The lock clicks. I wonder briefly if anyone still has the key. Well, the witch can sort it out if she wants to. I’m too tired to care. I see the witch, standing two cells down. She seems hesitant. ‘It’s very… damp,’ she remarks."

•  At Tales to Terrify: Show No 61. Horror.
     “Horseman” by Renee Hall and “We Can’t Dance Together” by Copper Smith.

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David Scholes said...

Hi Dave
My "Essential Reading in Science Fiction" will be free on Amazon for 5 days from 14 March:

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Thanks, will link it.