Monday, March 11, 2013

Rambo, Sigler, and other Great Free Fiction

An especially good, varied collection of freebies this time! More tomorrow. 

[Art from “Waking the Taniwha” linked in fiction and audio fiction below]

• At Cast of Wonders: "A Song for the Season" by Eliza Hirsch. YA.
      "The sun came out today, and for the first time in five months our song returned. It changes once every three years. This time, the melody sounds slower, a little bit sad. Long, low notes shake my chest when I stand too close to the forest's edge."

• At Daily Science Fiction: "Fidelity" by Ben Heldt.
     "The flickering light of the television cast Henry's shadow across the darkened room, and across me. Through the speakers a steady voice called time to t minus zero. The rockets fired. Henry gasped, though he didn't move."

• At L5R: "Collaborations" by Shawn Carman. Fantasy.
      "Under different circumstances, the Scorpion warrior mused, the location might be quite beautiful. He could easily imagine spending an afternoon meditating by the quietly babbling waters of the nearby stream. But of course he could never trust the place, despite its innocuous appearance."

• At Weird Fiction Review: "The Black Pool" by Frederick Stuart Greene.
      "But it is not the dead trees, towering bark-stripped and bleached, that halt the trespasser; in the glen to the right, hidden from the road, lies the dread spot of the neighbourhood. Here, shut in by crowded locust trees, their scraggy tops thrust high above a thicket of underbrush and cat-briar, gleams the somber surface of the Black Pool."

• At Wily Writers:“Waking the Taniwha” by Dan Rabarts.
     "When the search for a missing ship becomes a desperate race with an unknown creature across New Zealand’s untamed wilderness, how far will one man go to rein in both the monsters roaming the wild, and those lurking within himself?"

Flash Fiction
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Audio Fiction
• At Author's Site: "The MVP Episode #22" by Scott Sigler. Science Fiction. Football.
     "The Krakens squre off against arch-rivals the OS1 Orbiting Death. A loss here, and the season is all but over. John Tweedy tries to bridge the inter-species cultural barrier by giving the Prawatt with a rousing halftime speech."

• At Beam Me Up: "Know How Can Do pt2" by Michael Blumlein and "In Plain Sight #18" by Jason Kahn.

• At Cast of Wonders:"A Song for the Season" by Eliza Hirsch. YA.
     Described Above.

• At Drabblecast: "Amid the Words of War" by  Cat Rambo.
     "Every few day-cycles, it receives hate-scented lace in anonymous packages. It opens the bland plastic envelope to pull one out, holding the delicate fragment between two forelimbs. Contemplating it before folding it again to put away in a drawer. Four drawers filled so far; the fifth is halfway there." 

• At Dunesteef: "Linger" by Sam Schreiber. Fantasy. Horror.
     "The phone rings in the middle of the night . . . and it’s time for Levi Keller to do his work once again. You see, sometimes he has to visit with someone after an “accident,” and let them know where they stand."

• At Journey Into: "The Age-Old Question" by Christopher Munroe.
      "Never ask a woman her age, yet a young husband feels compelled to do just that."

• At Toasted Cake: "The Cold Beyond the Pools" by Steven R. Stewart.
      "The shining ones came and took us from the boiling acid pools."

• At Wily Writers:Waking the Taniwha” by Dan Rabarts.
      Described Above

Other Genres:
  • Audio at CraftLit: Jane Eyre - Chapter 24 by Charlotte Brontë.
  • Audio at Crime City Central: "Death Mouth" by Amy Sayre-Roberts.
  • Fiction at Online Pulps: "Write This Way for Murder!" by Joe Archibald (1948) and "Fate Fires No Blanks" by George Bruce Marquis. 1948.

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