Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thursday Freebies

Another batch of good free fiction for you enjoyment.

[art for  "Loss, with Chalk Diagrams" linked below]

At Night Shade Books: "Loss, with Chalk Diagrams" by E. Lily Yu.
     "She had been twelve years old when rewiring was first approved for use on a limited clinical population. The treatment involved a brew of sixteen neurotoxins finely tuned to leave normal motor, memory, and cognitive processes intact, burning out only those neural pathways associated with grief and trauma."

At Paizo: "Bastard, Sword - Chapter Two: Serpent and Bow" by Tim Pratt. Fantasy.
     "Rodrick had never seen a dragon or dragon-type creature in person, but this one looked more or less like the statues and drawings of such creatures: a huge reptilian head with twisted horns, immense black eyes, and a mouth full of teeth like broken daggers. It was unmistakably an apex predator of such power and size that Rodrick would barely count as a mouthful."

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Flash Fiction
Audio Fiction
At AntipodeanSF: "The AntiSF Radio Show 176" Flash SF. 
      "the AntiSF Radio Show, right where it belongs, in audio - all of the best stories, many of them narrated by the authors who created them, all shaken up and stirred with fresh and unusual music that you won't hear on any other radio station in the universe."

At Drabblecast: "A Riddle in Nine Syllables" by Carrie Vaughn. Science Fiction.
      "After the attack, my team brought me straight to the med lab at base camp. They must have commed ahead, because as soon as the stretcher went through the door seals, Dr. Traynor was yelling orders…"

At Escape Pod:  "Perspective" by Jake Kerr. Science Fiction.
     "The worst part about picking my son up from the police station was the walk to get there. I hadn’t been outside in years, but it was still the same–the drab gray of the smog-stained overcast sky, the decaying concrete, the stench of gasoline, urine, and who knew what else"

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