Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Freebies

 More good free fiction, including comics, audio fiction, flash fiction, e-books, and online text fiction. All cool.  More tomorrow with more links both new and stolen from the hard working Regan Wolfrom at SF Signal.


 [Art from "Bride of Death" linked in comics below]

• At Author's Website: "Gnome on Girl on Gnome: A Love Story  Part 2 of 2"  by Regan Wolfrom
      "Marguerite woke up to the rays of the sun, and for a moment it felt like she’d never left the glade of blue and white flowers and little brown-capped mushrooms. But she remembered what had happened"

• At Cosmos: "(Yet Another Episode Of) The BIG Show" by Mark Cole. Science Fiction.
     "The earth shook, shattered concrete sprayed over us. The wall of green that had appeared only inches from us burst out of the ground and vanished off into the distance. Four or five blocks away, the monstrous foot crashed to the ground again; I got only the haziest impression of what the rest of the creature looked like."

• At Daily Science Fiction:: "The Last Tiger" by Joanne Anderton.
     "The first thing Edward noticed was the smell--like a poorly cooked protein-slab, a little delicious, a little too raw. He wasn't accustomed to animals that smelled. The room was quiet, closed-in and dark but for the low rumble of deep breathing and two burning eyes in the corner. Edward paused at the door to wait for his sight to adjust."

• At "The Body Shop" by Andy Morris. Horror.
    "Some people are born lucky while others are not and Henry was most definitely part of the latter group. Being out of work and soon to be homeless, this wasn’t how Henry had envisioned the start of his adult life. His sister was moving to Spain to be with her boyfriend and was selling her flat which meant Henry had to find somewhere else to live. But first, he needed to find a job."  

• At Free eBooks Daily: 
Flash Fiction

• At The Classic Tales Podcast: "The Repairer of Reputations, 1 of 2" by Robert W. Chambers.
     "America is fat and prosperous. We’ve warred with the world, and have gotten rid of the riff-raff. A new era is arising, change is in the air, and to top it all off, the first Government Lethal Chamber is now open for public patronage. Science Fiction from 1895."

• At Escape Pod: "A Gun for Dinosaur" by L. Sprague de Camp. Science Fiction.
     "No, I’m sorry, Mr. Seligman, but I can’t take you hunting Late Mesozoic dinosaur. Yes, I know what the advertisement says. Why not? How much d’you weigh? A hundred and thirty? Let’s see; that’s under ten stone, which is my lower limit. I could take you to other periods, you know. I’ll take you to any period in the Cenozoic. I’ll get you a shot at an entelodont or a uintathere."

• The Fantastic Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs:  "Episode 02 - The Land that Time Forgot"
      "Edgar Rice Burroughs, tells of his discovery of the proverbial message in a bottle – a thermos bottle, actually, while fishing on the south coast of Greenland. The message tells of a man whose family has been building submarines for the international arms race leading up to World War I."

• At Tales to Terrify: "No 72 The 2012 Bram Stoker Nominees Part 1"
  • “Bury My Heart at Marvin Gardens” by Joe McKinney
  • “Surrounded by the Mutant Rain Forest” by Bruce Boston
  • “Available Light” by John Palisano
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