Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Part Two

A few more goodies, more tomorrow.  Be sure to check out SF Signal for more free fiction and an interesting concept.

At Cast of Wonders: "Small Magics" by Alethea Kontis. YA. Fantasy.
     "Minna tried to stand still in front of the mirror, but it wasn’t working. Effie jerked Minna’s hips from side to side, trying to adjust the bustle of her sateen French cream walking dress. Minna stared at the print of the Luck etching she held, then closed her eyes and pressed it to her breast, wishing with all her might for the magic she had given it to seep back into her."

At Daily Science Fiction: "The Troll (A Tale Told Collectively)" by Marissa Lingen.
     "So every year at Midsummer, there was a troll, which only stupid people and Skånseners believe in, but nevertheless there it was. It would come up and watch my grandfather cook the crawdads and the aunties lay out the picnic for awhile. And then it would say, 'Who is cooking my crawdads?'"

At The WiFiles: "Sensitive But Unclassified" by Sylvia James.
     "Ms. Walker shrugged. “I’m not sure.” The warden told me to deliver it to the supervising psychologist when I went by the psychology mailbox to get the mail. So I did.” She returned my smile and backed out of my office."

At Beam Me Up: Episode #366. Science Fiction.
      Featuring "The Fighter" by Colin Davies and "No Great Magic - Chapter 4" by Fritz Leiber.

At Protecting Project Pulp: "The Devil’s Crypt" by E. Hoffmann Price. Horror.
     First published in Strange Detective Stories, January, 1934. - "As the creatures of a condemned man’s dream, the Brotherhood of Black Evil arose from the dust of 800,000 years to weave its spell of criminal sorcery over those who knew the answer to the Gray Sphinx riddle."

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