Monday, June 24, 2013

Free Fiction for My Men, Beer for My Horses!*

Another day, another good collection of free fiction. There's text fiction, audio fiction, flash fiction, other genres fiction and erm comic book fiction!  Mostly new links, but at least one proudly stolen from the always excellent Regan Wolfrom of SF Signal.  Fans of westerns, be sure to look at the other genres as The Western Online has three new short stories. Back later with something different.

* Despite this post's title, QD does not approve of intoxicating animals, including horses!

[Art from "Neighborhoods" in audio fiction below] 

• At Black Gate: "The Death of the Necromancer, Part Four" by Martha Wells. Fantasy.
     "It’s basically about a Moriarty-like master criminal and his friends in an otherworldy version of La Belle Epoque Paris with magic, who get involved in a clandestine battle with a sorcerer who seems to be trying to raise the dead."

• At Book View Cafe: "The Tiger’s Shadow" by Leah Cutter. Fantasy.
     "No one would ever be able to accuse Betty of being wild, the worst insult she and her cousins could hurl at one another—out of control, not tame, a mere beast; no longer human or tiger, but a creature that none could reason with."

• At HiLobrow: "Theodore Savage - Part 16" by Cicely Hamilton.Science Fiction.
      "When war breaks out in Europe — war which aims successfully to displace entire populations — British civilization collapses utterly and overnight. The ironically named Theodore Savage, an educated and dissatisfied idler, must learn to survive by his wits in the new England, where 20th-century science, technology, and culture are regarded with superstitious awe and terror."

• At L5R: "The Shape of a Soul" by Seth Mason. Fantasy.
     "As the story of P’an Ku continues to unfold, the Phoenix Council of Masters grows increasingly concerned over ongoing events."

• At WMG Publishing: "Blind" by Kristine Kathryn Rusch. Science Fiction. Detective.
      "I think the aliens—and I do believe they were aliens—had come to the Felton Woods forty years ago, and set up a blind. Jane Goodall from Mars, I guess."

Flash Fiction
Audio Fiction
• At Beam Me Up: "Episode #371" Science Fiction.
     "In The Mourning - Part 1" by Edward McKeown and "In Plain Sight - Episode 21" by Jason Kahn.

• At WMG Publishing: "Neighborhoods" by Dean Wesley Smith. Near Future Science Fiction.
     " a serious look at problems facing urban communities and a quirky answer based on recent experience in crowdfunding"

Other Genres

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